Red Pants and Tacky Lipstick

Today is What I Wore Wednesday and I’m joining Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy.  I know it’s weird to show you what I’m wearing, but the purpose of WIWW is to help stay-at-home/work-from-home women get out of their pajamas.

It’s true.  Some days we need lots of motivation.

I know it’s very shallow and possibly even careless to write about such trivial matters during these tragic times; however, I still cannot think about those little school kids in Sandy Hook Elementary without crying.  It breaks my heart, but I have two children in my own home who think this is truly the best time of the year.

They look for everyone to be just a little bit happier during Christmas, and this year is a sad time for them too.  Their schools have already begun implementing new policies.  I honestly do not think it’s enough, but it’s one small step in the direction of protecting our children.

They have a Christmas sing-along this Friday that will now be behind closed doors.  Traditionally parents and grandparents were invited.  The community came out in support of the kids and to enjoy a time of cheer.  That’s all changed this year, and the kids feel the weight of sorrow.

That’s why I am choosing joy this Christmas.  It is not out of disrespect or because I am not weeping; I am.  I am choosing joy for my children.

Moving on to the frivolous…

I don’t wear many dresses in the winter, because it’s cold and I don’t have any winter dresses; however, the other day I got a bug on to make one of my summer dresses work for winter.

cotton dress summer to winter Target styleIt looks a lot better in the summer, but it worked and it was something different to wear.

Do you make summer things work in the winter?

Dress: Target, Leggings: Gap, Sweater: Target, Sparkly Shoes: Kmart

This lipstick is ridiculous, but I wore it anyway.  It was a sample that came in the mail.  My husband said, “The thing with your style is that there are no limitations.”

I guess that means it’s ok to wear ugly lipstick.

red cord pants - Christmas casual outfitThese are the most comfortable pants in the world.  They’re red, I know.  That might turn some of you off, but I don’t mind looking like a clown every now and again.  They’re holiday-esque.

Pants (they’re cords): Kohl’s, Sweater: hand-me-down, Tank:

That’s it for this week.  I’m sure I got dressed on more than two mornings, but these are the only pictures in my camera.

What are you wearing these days?

Would you wear red pants??

And the really big question of the day – Do you dress up fancy for Christmas???

signatureP.S. Notice the new blog header? I’ve been learning how to do new things and it’s kind of fun, a huge time sucker, but fun.


14 thoughts on “Red Pants and Tacky Lipstick

  1. dyuhas62

    I love the red lipstick and don’t find it tacky at all. The outfit is fab. I’m one of those who live in pajamas and a tank top. I love clothes, but I’m such a slob that I invariably spill food or coffee on my shirt and if I wore regular clothes, they’d all be ruined within a week or two. Plus, it’s just Ma and I and she’s too far out in left field to notice what I’m wearing, so I might as well be comfortable.

  2. Auntie Em

    The lipstick is wonderful! I’ve always been a “lip” kind of person, pushing color onto my daughters and students for performances– a carryover from performing onstage, probably– but I vote KEEP IT!

  3. sparksmcgee

    You bet your fanny I’d wear red pants! I love the red pant outfit you’ve got on! Also, the tacky lipstick with the kissy face makes you look just like Pam Beasley from The Office. 🙂

  4. Charming's Mama

    I’ve worn red pants. I also used to have a maroon velour “jogging” suit (pants and jacket). Not that anyone would jog in them. They were so comfy and I wore them to death. And I avoid getting dressed up if at all possible. If I had to get dressed up to go to church I would probably never make it!

  5. Jessie @ Dream and Differ

    I love the red pants, and yes would totally wear them if I was lucky enough to find a pair. I dress up a little for Christmas. I’ll put on a dress for our Christmas eve church service, but otherwise our celebration is pretty low-key and my clothes reflect that. Jeans and sweaters for the most part. 🙂

  6. lexiedache

    your lipstick is NOT tacky!! haha but that being said, i’m a huge lipstick-paranoia-girl. Anytime I put it on, I find myself grabbing all of my girlfriends by both arms, getting them to look at me head on, as I frantically whisper, “Hey – I never wear lipstick but I did today, so if it gets all over my teeth/chin/cheeks, PLEASE let me know!”

    Your outfit is cute and totally works for winter 🙂

    And to answer some of your questions – Yes to Red Pants (I have a maroon pair from TJ Maxx), no to dressing up for Christmas Day, but my family does dress up for Christmas Eve when we go to church, if that counts.

    Keep choosing joy! It’s contagious.

  7. Lynette

    Love the leggings with the pants. So cute. And yes, I agree…we must choose joy. Otherwise, all the evil in the world wins. Thank you for being a bright spot. You make me smile. 🙂 I love dressing up for the holidays…hey I love wearing my rhinestone bling to the grocery store!

  8. chandra

    Yes I like your red pants….and yes I would wear them, along with some other things I see in your post! New to your blog by way of the wiww linkup. Happy Wednesday:)



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