Holiday Recap (or Post-Holiday Bloat…you decide)

I feel like I should be posting a Christmas card with our smiling faces and matching red sweaters, but my kids have been hiding from the camera and FringeMan doesn’t like sweaters.

me & my kiddos

This has been a big year and it’s not even over yet.  First we survived the end of the world and now Christmas.  I suspect a few parents will want the world to end when they get their credit card bills in the mail.

zebra print bean-bag chair(FringeKid wanted a bean-bag, so I shopped online and found this super-fun zebra print bean-bag chair from Walmart.)

Here on the Fringe, we’re still in full-on party mode, meaning we still have Christmas cookies left.  I’m pretty sure my organs turned into butter three cookies ago, but I can’t bring myself to stop eating just one more.

reflection of the tree in the window

Christmas Eve my children feigned sleepiness.  In their defense, they did look exhausted, so even though I knew in my motherly heart it was a bad idea, I let them go to sleep early.

Grandma says they woke her up in the middle of the night and caused some chaos.  I think it was all dreamed up drama, because I didn’t hear a sound.

There’s something to be said for deep sleeping.

Me & My Mom

Me & My Mom

We had a slight toy crisis on Christmas morning.  My son wanted a Nintendo 64, you know…an old-fashioned game…the kind they had back in the olden days before flat-screened TV’s.

 Nintendo 64Thankfully a friend and her family were willing to part with their game system, controllers, and a whole box of games (just the ones my son wanted), so I bought used from a trusted source.  I hadn’t anticipated any problems, until we actually tried to play a game.

We consulted YouTube, begged for help on facebook, and read a thousand Google instructions.  Nothing worked.

Thankfully some friends saved the day and brought an old television over.  Problem solved.

Omnom stuffed animal and bean bag chairChristmas may be over, but the fun is not done.  FringeKid’s birthday is Friday and FringeMan’s brother and his family are coming to spend New Year’s Eve with us.

I think we need more cookies!

Hope you all enjoyed a blessed Christmas.

Tomorrow I’ll be showing you a fabulous hand-made gift for the word-lover in your life, and I may even be able to talk FringeBoy into recording an instructional video on “How to Make Christmas Trees out of Books.”

Fun times ahead.

What was your/your children’s favorite gift?






14 thoughts on “Holiday Recap (or Post-Holiday Bloat…you decide)

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  2. Jess

    You needed an old TV for a N64? I am so confused!! We have a Super Nintendo – predates the 64 by a few years, and is super awesome a’course! – and we can play it on a 50-something-inch HDTV. Quite possibly, though, the only problem is whether or not your TV has regular AV cables or not! I remember having that issue when I was younger – except my tv was too old for the N64! Console gaming has evolved so much, lol.

    Sorry to blather on…just the thought that someone of a younger generation is actually excited to appreciate the gaming I grew up with…it warms my heart! Your Christmas looks like it was lovely, and there is never such a thing as too many Christmas cookies – I’m fairly certain that’s a fact. 🙂

    Happy New Year!! xoxo, Jess

  3. berryprose

    I love it! not havng an old TV can be a real setback LOL. I’m not showing that picture of the chair to my daughter because she will want it. She’s 10 and got an ipod and a bow and arrow set. (she discovered she was very good at archery in summer camp). she has been watching silly cat videos on you tube constantly. My 6 year old also got a guitar, seems like a popular present? just because her big sister had one, so she is having fun with that and a barbie head and also an swful creepy doll which she loves LOL.

  4. Shannon

    I love your pictures! Our Christmas gifting situation was weird…we caved and got them a wii, which was great and is a lot of fun, and we got it for free via bonus points from the bank card. The weirdness came because the only other things they asked for were like football jerseys, baseball gloves and a kickball. Plus some clothes and things. So while we were waiting for the family to come and fixing Christmas breakfast and had no time to hook up the wii they were just sitting there, because there were no toys! Hahahaha, it was strange but they agree that it was a great gift. I’m embarrassed to say I am actually sore from all the games, esp boxing—my arms are aching!

    1. The Domestic Fringe Post author

      My kids didn’t really get toys this year either…first time! I love the Wii. We got one for Christmas two years ago and we use it all the time. I am partial to tennis, but we Wii bowl as a family all the time. It does keep you moving. My kids try and tell me that I don’t need use the entire living room for tennis, but I really get into the game and end up falling over the loveseat. Every time.

      Have fun with it!

  5. Tori Nelson

    I see you get your precious from your mama! So cute. My son is still in that glorious stage of not wanting specific gifts. He just likes getting something, and tearing the paper to pieces. Naturally, he loved the cheapest, plainest gift, a set of markers and a coloring book. His hands are now permanently green and we’ve run out of magnets to display his newest masterpieces 🙂

  6. abozza

    Sounds like a great holiday! My girls favorite gift was a Nook color from her grandparents. My 8 year old got a cornhole set and can’t wait for warmer weather. My 6 year old got a guitar and is strumming away. My 1 year old got a toy kitchen set, which is MY favorite present, because it means he’ll stop rifling through my kitchen drawers and playing with the real stuff. 🙂

      1. abozza

        There is nothing sadder than toys your children have outgrown. 😦 It’s probably why I have 4 kids…so someone is always playing with them! 🙂


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