DIY: A Word-Lover’s Gift

Hand-made Scrabble Picture  - Gift for the word loversFringeBoy made this as a gift for my mom.  I pretty much love it and I’m certain she does too.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own scrabble tile wall hanging.

One picture frame

Aassorted Scrabble tiles

An old book

Modge-podge glue

Foam brush

Hot glue gun

DIY Scrabble Tile PictureModge-podge book pages on the back of a frame, because you’ll need to allow space for the Scrabble tiles.  He did not use any inserts, just the very back part of the frame.  If he used another board as an insert, we would need to remove the glass.  The tiles take up a bit of space.

Coat glue on the hard frame back.  Lay down the book pages and go over the entire page with glue.  Work in small sections.

Decide what words you want to use in your “Scrabble” puzzle and then hot glue the letters onto the board.  Glue extra letters randomly at the top.  FringeBoy added the extra “love you” message at the bottom and I think it’s super-sweet.

You can find Scrabble tiles for sale on Etsy or buy replacement tiles directly from Hasbro.

DIY Scrabble tile pictureI’m certain the word-lovers in your life would love to hang one of these hand-made gifts on their wall.



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