11 Things I Love About My 11 Year Old

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to You,

Happy Birthday dear FringeKid,

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!

Silly Kid 1

1..She is an unwavering optimist.  She is hardwired to see the silver lining in everything.  It’s difficult to have a bad day when FringeKid is around.

2..She loves a good girl’s night.  Watch a girly movie, pop pop-corn, go shopping – whatever, as long as we do it together.

silly kid 3

3.  She is a fast friend to everyone she meets.

4.  She is quick to forgive.

5.  She wears her smile every day.

6.  She is a helper.

silly kid 2

7.  She cannot understand why adults wear so much black.  I love that.  Color the world and begin with me.

8.  She is a snuggle bug, always has been.

9.  She thinks up nice things we can do for other people.

10.  She is generous with everyone and shares everything she has.

11.  She is growing up to be a warm, caring, loving girl who is beautiful on both the inside and the outside.

Happy Birthday FringeKid!

Here is an excerpt of FringeKid’s baby story…

I remember the year of my second pregnancy as the waddle and wail.  Showing at two and a half days into conception, I walked like a duck for a full forty weeks.  Near the end, I had to arch my upper half so far backwards that I feared I would never again remember how to walk fully upright.

I was an anomaly – the hunchback in reverse.

Crying on the table in the examining room, I repeatedly begged my doctor to induce me.  My baby had to be unhappy since she was folded into an envelope sealed with amniotic fluid; however, my doctor was hardened by the hormones of many women filled to their chin with baby fat.

This is why I believe there are many advantages to having an OBGYN who still has wet ink on her diploma.  The possibility remains that she can be manipulated by over-sized hysterics.

Read FringeKid’s full baby story HERE.



12 thoughts on “11 Things I Love About My 11 Year Old

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  4. free penny press

    I love that she allowed the pipe cleaner nose to be photographed. She has my vote!!
    Happy Birthday Miss Fringe-girl 🙂

  5. The "ME" Project

    I miss my eleven year old girl…that was the last year before the hormones took her. Enjoy, and may the force be with you. Hopefully, you won’t need it, but teenage girls are notoriously horrific. But you were one once, I don’t need to tell you…the only thing worse than living with a teenage girl is BEING one. On a side note, the only time Lamaze breathing came in handy for me was after my daughter was full term adolescent. I’m not trying to be a downer, just joking…sort of.


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