DIY New Year’s Eve Party Decorations

DIY New Year's Eve decorationsI’ve never decorated for New Years before, but my daughter is getting older and she loves a good party.  Besides, my brother-in-law and his family are coming to ring in the New Year with us, so we decided to make things festive, because our house wasn’t festive enough with Christmas decorations and birthday balloons everywhere.  {???}

2013 Glitter banner on painted palletI know the whole idea of hanging a wooden pallet on your wall is a little bit beyond weird, but I love it more than any other piece of decor in my house.

It’s a backdrop for all kinds of fun.  I figure I can change it up every month.  How fabulous is that?

DIY glitter numberI employed my son, and by employed, I mean I drafted him into my Craft Wars Army to labor for free.  He ripped old boxes apart into manageable pieces, so FringeKid and I could cut numbers out of them.  Then we covered them in glitter.

If you want to get fancy (translate spend money), you can buy wooden numbers from a hobby/craft store and add glitter.

We rocked this project with old school free-hand, because “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.”  So says the Nester.

DIY New Year's Eve stars with glitterI used a star ornament as a template and cut out stars from a box.  They got a good coating of glitter and then I hot glued them together with a wooden stick in the middle.  (I bought the sticks from Wally World.)

One side of the star is gold and the side is silver.  I love em’, and after New Years, they can double as magic wands.  You give them a little flick and the entire house cleans itself.

Ya, I’m totally dreaming on the magically clean house, but hey, a girl can wish.

Happy New Year FringeGirl

Happy New Year friends.  You’ve made it the best year ever for The Domestic Fringe.  If it weren’t for your support and encouragement, I’m sure I would have quit blogging long ago.

You’ve become more than readers to me, you are friends who share my life.

Love you all!



7 thoughts on “DIY New Year’s Eve Party Decorations

  1. Missindeedy

    Seriously? That owl sweater is dar-lin!!! And, there is simply nothing better than free labor in a Craft War Army. Love that line. 😉 The pallet is a brilliant idea. It could be painted every so often to change it up, too.

    1. The Domestic Fringe Post author

      Tara, my daughter gave it me for Christmas. It’s from Kohl’s. She got a gift card for Christmas (early) and insisted on buying me something. As soon as we walked into the store, she saw it and grabbed. Would not let me talk her out of it. I love it!


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