Best of 2012

I was two completely different people in 2012.  That’s what I took away from reviewing this year on my blog.  Good grief!  The first three months of the year were depressing.  Thank you for sticking it out.

I’m joining Musings of A Housewife for a 2012 Recap.  Visit for more of your favorite blog’s reviews of this past year.
And here is the button code: 2012 Recap Carnival with Musings of a HousewifeToday we’re skipping January altogether.  It was that bad.

February Collage

The Day My Cell Phone Aged Me

This past weekend I lost my cell phone.  Since it was my birthday, I chalked it up to age and hoped my next mishap wasn’t losing my teeth…continue reading.

March Collage

How Not to Parent

You see, my twelve year-old son is currently obsessed with getting an old car to fix up.  He wants it ready and waiting for when he turns sixteen, the legal driving age in New York.  He’s even checked Craigslist for good deals…continue reading.

April CollageOn Top of The World

Stone Mountain is a ginormous rock.  In order to get to the top, you must ride in a gondola or hike three miles.  I know many of you are saying, “Pft.  Three miles ain’t nothing!”

To you I want to say one word, compound as it may be – “Hearty-Tack.”

This is one bad-boy mountain!

It was such a nice day, I may have considered the hike of death, but I didn’t exactly wear the right shoes…continue reading.

May Collage

10 Things I’ve Learned About Dieting

I’m beginning to think liposuction doesn’t sound so bad after all.   So what if they have to gash a whole in your body, insert a vacuum hose, and suck until they hit bone, it’s gotta be an outpatient procedure nowadays.  Doesn’t it?  The only drawback is I have every bit of confidence that I could replace all that fat within a year.  That, and then there’s the money, and the cutting.  Ya, I should never underestimate someone taking a scalpel to my skin…continue reading.

June Collage

When Shopping Turns to Torture

Friday night I participated in one of the most traumatizing shopping rituals known to womankind.  I went swimsuit shopping.

Nothing can destroy your self-esteem like fluorescent lights and a three-way mirror.  I think I’m photophobic and hydrophobic now…continue reading.

July Collage

Heart of a War Bride

My name is Ade Johnson.  I was born in Brooklyn, New York  on a warm summer’s night in 1920.  I am the oldest of four children, three of us girls and my brother, Patrick.  He was drafted nine months ago and his last letter arrived in October, eighty-three days without correspondance.  My mother sits in her room and cries for hours.  My sister’s can’t understand her melancholy, but I know…continue reading.

Auguest Collage

Pay it Forward

Only my son was home at the time.  He looked at the food – lettuce, eggs, squash, zucchini – and thought of a family in our neighborhood.  He knew they had many struggles, so he kept what we could use, not what we could save to use in the future, but what we actually needed. He brought the rest to his classmate…continue reading.

September Collage

The Skinny on The Jeans

If skinny jeans came in husky, I would buy three pairs.

After trying on six pairs of skinny jeans in assorted sizes and colors (because, yes, there just might be a difference between the red and mint jeans), I have banished everything “skinny” from my life.

I have high expectations when I get dressed in the morning.  I like to breath, sit, walk, and maybe, when I am feeling exceptionally frisky, I might even like to race my kids to the car.  I need clothing that allows me to live my life without cutting off all circulation from the waist down.  After twelve hours of wear, I imagine skinny jeans are like an epidural.  You lose all feeling below the belt…continue reading.

October Collage

31 Days of Living by Faith Series

Some days faith is elusive and other days, you feel as if you can hold it in your hand.

Faith draws a line in the sand and makes you choose sides.

Faith is a catalyst for change.

Faith makes everything possible.

Faith moves mountains.

Faith is believing God…continue reading.

November Collage

A Few Things Every Parent Should Know

  • Children multiply like Gremlins. The more you feed them, the more you get.
  • Your children will try to kill you.  It really is accidental.  All those matchbox cars lined up on the stairs…they had no idea what a few toys would do to you.  They are so very sorry you ended up in the hospital.  In traction.

Here’s the most important thing you should know about parenting…continue reading.

December Collage

Trash -2- Treasure: DIY Pallet Wall Art

I am convinced all projects would be left undone if we never had company.  Every single time we invite a whole crowd over, something else gets done.  If you’re just coming to dinner by yourself, as a couple, or one family, chances are not good for home improvement, but if you come as a pack, we’ll put on our tool belts and get to work…continue reading.

This was a big year on The Domestic Fringe.  It was difficult to narrow things down to one post per month (except for January).  We went through good times and tough times, but we kept the faith and plowed through it all.  As I look back, I can honestly say 2012 was a good year.

I’m excited for a new year.  It holds so much hope and promise. Here’s to 2013.  Let’s make it a great!



11 thoughts on “Best of 2012

  1. Missindeedy

    I really enjoyed this recap! Especially the collage to jog memories of some of my favorite posts of yours over the year (skinny jeans and losing your cell phone were top 2 for me!). I pray you and yours have an Outrageously Amazing 2013!

  2. Marlo Dunlop

    I have enjoyed your site all this year….keep up the good work. I have been cheered up by you on days I needed it and I always appreciate the way you express yourself so honestly. So Thanks! and I hope 2013 is the best yet for you and your family.

  3. Tami Clayton

    I love the way you reviewed the year with both a photo collage and post highlights. I’ve enjoyed following along with you through the year. All the best to you and your family in 2013. 🙂

  4. free penny press

    Looks like 2012 was still (despite any setbacks) was very good year. Wishing you and your family a beautiful and blessed new year.
    Bring on 2013!!!!

  5. Deanna

    Great recap! I have to say your 31 Days of Living by Faith series was my favorite {but I pretty much love everything you write}. I look forward to laughing some more with you in 2013. Happy New Year!


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