A Knock On The Door

messy living room

There was a knock on the door.

I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but they say confession is good for the soul.  Now I don’t generally freak out over knocks.  I like people reasonably well, so company is a good thing.  In fact, we are usually happiest when our house is full of people.

I only wish someone would knock when my house is clean, but nobody ever seems to make it in the two minute window of a neat and orderly home.

My guest walks into my living room and says “Oh.  Have you guys been sick?”

“No.  Nope.  Thank the Lord, we’ve all been well.”

It’s just that apparently we do not like our beds, because that can be the only reason we have 4 blankets, a sleeping bag, and a stack of pillows strewn all around the living room.

I scooped up a ginormous stack of blankets; one flopped over my head.  Then I threw them in a corner.

It was no use trying to save good housekeeping face, anyhow.  No amount of scrambling could make my mess look better.  My living room resembled a homeless shelter without the musty, rank odor.

So the next time my house gets spick & span clean, I’m announcing it on facebook.  Please do me a favor and drop by, but be quick.  The window for clean is extremely short!



20 thoughts on “A Knock On The Door

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  2. Laura

    THis is the story of my life, with a liberal dose of Kleenex strewn about for good measure. I’m just not a drop by person…rather my house is not drop in friendly…

  3. Cathy

    Sounds like my house. At this moment, there are 3 blankets, one quilt, and one throw. I just took down the folding table and brought my desk chair back to my desk. I’ve been doing jigsaw puzzles. So see, you’d feel right at home in my house. haha

  4. dyuhas62

    You can never have too many throws in the living room. Since I never know with which one I’ll want to cover myself, I keep a wide selection. Of course, there’s no official place to keep them, so they end up on the floor.


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