Whatcha Readin’? – Lobster Rolls & Blueberry Pie

I go to the library all the time.  Sometimes I go with a list in my hand or a specific book in my head.  Other times I peruse the aisles, picking up this book or that.  Once in a while, when I know I’ll be there for a good long while, I collect a stack of books on decorating and cooking and then I settle into a chair and take over an entire round table.  These are usually the days my kids are taking part in a program or just hanging in the kid’s section.

This past week, I went to the library with and without a purpose.  I knew I wanted a certain book and I had already checked their database online, so I knew they had it, but I felt compelled to browse the new book section anyway.  These are not necessarily recently published books, but they are new to the library books.

I spotted Lobster Rolls & Blueberry Pie right away and even as I reached to take it off the shelf, I knew it was going home with me.

Lobster ROlls and Blueberry Pie

Lobster Rolls & Blueberry Pie, written by Rebecca Charles of Pearl Oyster Bar and Deborah Diclementi, is three generations of recipes and stories from summers on the coast of Maine.

If you are from anywhere in the northeast, when lobster rolls or blueberries are mentioned, you probably think of Maine, especially if you are from Massachusetts.  I think the entire state of Mass. goes to Maine in the summer.  They may go on different weekends, but I’m pretty sure it’s an unspoken agreements that at least one weekend a season is spent in Maine.

This book is the story of one, large, New York family who summered on the coast of Maine.  It’s part history book, part family memories.

As a young girl who grew up in New York, we also went to Maine several times in the summer.  Those warm days and cool nights are some of the best family memories I have.  One summer I bought a red pullover sweatshirt with Maine printed across the chest in bright blue letters.  I wore that sweatshirt until after I had my first child.  The entire neckline was gone and most of the bottom half of the sleeves.  The edge on the bottom was full of holes and it looked a dirty old rag.  I wish I kept it.  When I think back to those Maine summers, I still think of that sweatshirt.

After we married, my husband and I moved to Maine.  Both my kids were born there and that freezing cold state with its moose and pine trees will always be special to me.

Lobster Rolls & Blueberry Pie is prohibition, the suffrage movement, the Great Depression, and Vacation Land today.  It is the story of a Jewish-American family and their vacations with a bunch of recipes thrown in for good measure.

I’m not sure why I loved reading this book so much, but I did.  It’s the way I like to learn history, through family stories.  It’s not just a timeline or a bunch of facts, it is the real life, the every day, of real people.

Poems by Shel Silverstein a light in the attic

Kid’s Corner

My daughter read me nearly every single poem out of this book.  She wants me to read it for myself, but I’m still trying to figure out why.  She already read it to me!

Recently she has been enamored with poetry.  She chooses books on children’s poetry from the school library and even decided to write her own poetry book.  One night she grabbed an empty notebook and a pencil and sat to write.  After about ten minutes, she looked up and said, “Wow.  Writing a book is a lot more work than I thought.”

It’s a terrible realization all of us wannabe authors must face.  Writing a book is a lot of work.

Today Fringekid’s book recommendation is A Light in The Attic by Shel Silverstein.  He also wrote The Giving Tree.  My daughter loves that book too.

A Light in The Attic is a filled with short poems that will keep your child’s attention.  Many of them are funny.  Along with each poem is a black and white sketch.  This is a wonderful book if you’d like to introduce your child to poetry

So, what are you reading?



16 thoughts on “Whatcha Readin’? – Lobster Rolls & Blueberry Pie

  1. Evie

    Oh my. You and I are going to have to meet at the library and discuss “Lobster Rolls and Blueberry Pie”. Then, we’ll go to the donut store and have a snack. After that we’ll discuss the evils of skinny jeans. I just found your blog and am enjoying it! This New England girl who now lives in South Carolina can’t find “Lobster Rolls and Blueberry Pie” at her local library! 😦
    I don’t think we should discuss Baseball though…Go Red Sox! 🙂

    1. The Domestic Fringe Post author

      Evie, I wish we could meet in the library! But, a Red Sox fan?? Oh, no.

      For six years I was a NY fan living in a Red Sox world. You can imagine. 😉

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. Hope you’ll come back soon!

  2. Jeff

    I love going to the library and just browsing the new books. I come up with some good ones that way (and some not-so-good ones, too). Right now, though, I’m re-reading The Hobbit for the third or fourth time.

  3. Missindeedy

    I’m SO going to be checking out the Lobster Rolls & Blueberry Pie book. I’m so with you – I so enjoy learning about history through other people’s stories. And Light In The Attic (Anything Shel Silverstein, really) is fantastic! Great choices ladies.

  4. cathy

    I’m reading The Way of Grace by Cathy Bryant. It’s the third in a series. The first two were excellent and this one has started out really good too.

  5. Charming's Mama

    Let’s see . . . the last book I read was in October when I read (by default, my niece left it behind) “Mrs. Peregrine Home for Peculiar Children.” a first novel by a blogger. I found it interesting and somewhat entertaining.

  6. Mom

    Reading is so much fun! So much better than TV. I am glad we spent so much time in the library and book stores when you were young.

  7. dyuhas62

    I’ve never been to Maine although I grew up in New York too. It’s on my list. Mostly I want to visit Acadia N.P. and of course, coastal Maine. Right now I’m reading yet another Victoria Holt book, which is funny, because I dislike romance novels as a whole and find all the attention put on the idea of romance to be a bunch of hoopla.

  8. Bridgesburning Chris King

    I love going to the library also.and like to go when I know I will have time to sit. It feels luxurious somehow. I hadn’t gone for a few weeks over the Christmas Season but got there last week. I just read Dean Koontz – Your Heart Belongs to Me, Peter James – Not Dead Yet, and Diane Keaton -Then Again.


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