Hello Monday, Hello Donuts

Hello early Saturday morning.

I am generally against anything beginning with the word “early”, but the early bird gets the donut…or something like that.  bakery

Hello Donuts.

When I was kid, my father would go out very early on Sunday mornings and buy fresh rolls, bagels, and donuts.  He would pop in my room way before my alarm clock was set to go off to see if I had any special requests.  Boston cream donuts and poppy-seed bagels were my usual favorites.

bakery counter

No offense to this world’s bagel makers, but New York City bagels are about the best in the world.  New York may not do everything right, but they know how to make bagels and pizza.  End of story.

Hello white hot cocoa.

white hot chocolate & donut

One Donut + One White Hot Cocoa = One Entire Day’s Worth of Calories

Sugar and fat at its finest!

giant donut ct

Hello two happy kids.

We don’t eat them often, but when we do, we savor each bite.

jc donut shop Domestic Fringe

I’m joining Lisa Leonard in saying hello to life.  You can visit her blog and read what so many others are saying hello to today.

Here’s the big question.  What is your favorite type of donut?

One more thing, because I am confused.  Do you spell it donut or doughnut?  Apparently, both ways are acceptable, but that is one too many choices for this poor speller.  I vote we choose one way and stick with it.



13 thoughts on “Hello Monday, Hello Donuts

  1. Bryn

    Snow Peaks are the my favorite kind – a glazed doughnut with chocolate glaze and a huge peak of white frosting…YUM! And I spell it doughnut, but I have to be careful it doesn’t turn into dognut, which is an entirely different, disgusting thing. 🙂

  2. dyuhas62

    I’m strictly a powdered jelly doughnut gal, although I rarely eat them. No other donut is worth the calories in my admittedly biased opinion (sorry). I prefer second helpings of chicken. 🙂

  3. berryprose

    My dad used to pick up bagels in Penn Station. You are so right about the New York bagels. As for donuts- generally just plain but I do like the apple cider kind. My tablet seems to like the shorter spelling.

  4. Shannon

    My favorite are plain old glazed. I like “doughnut” because it’s more old fashioned and correct, but like all lazy folk who text too much I often use “donut” because it’s shorter.

  5. Bridgesburning Chris King

    The English language is ever changing so I think Donut works best. Pretty soon people will write how they speak using U R etc. Oh wait they already are. And my fave donut is like an éclair – long filled with cream and dusted with sugar…mmmm or boston crème or honey dip or…or.. now I want a donut


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