The Cure for Dry Skin

My skin is dryer than the Sahara Desert on a sunny day in August.  I wish I were kidding, but the battle for soft, well-hydrated skin began in childhood.  Dry flaking skin with patches of eczema has always been part of my life.

Dry skin becomes worse in the winter.  If you have dry skin, you know heat, extremely cold temperatures, and lack of sun all work together to suck every last drop of moisture from your body.

Recently my face became a flaky, dry, cracked, itchy, mess.  Then I developed a rash all over my cheeks and chin.

My face looked terrible and when I used makeup, it looked even worse.  No amount of makeup can hide the damage caused by dry skin.

Eucerin & Almond Oil dry skin healing

I knew my skin care routine needed a drastic overhaul.  One morning in a desperate attempt to save face (no pun intended), I reached for the bottle of olive oil and slathered it all over my face and neck.

I feared I would smell like an Italian deli for the whole day, but I didn’t care.  My skin needed a good greasing and if olive worked on my sauteed chicken, I figured it might work on my face.

Little did I know, it would change the entire way I cared for my skin.  After rinsing the olive oil from my face, my skin felt better than ever.  It didn’t hurt to smile and my makeup almost went on smoothly.

I began researching oils and discovered sweet almond oil.  It goes on a little thinner than olive oil and doesn’t have such a strong smell.

Be aware, there are two types of almond oil.  One is poisonous.  You’ll want to look for sweet almond oil that is edible.  I found my bottle in a local food co-op and it cost $6.79 for 8 ounces.

I only wash my face at night and the oil removes any and all makeup.  I try to allow the oil to sit on my face for a few minutes before rinsing with warm water and patting dry.

You may think using oil on your face will cause greasiness or pimples, but I have experienced neither and my rash is completely healed.

You can remove any flaking skin by gently rubbing the area with a little sugar.  I always assumed exfoliating my dry skin would make it worse; however, Laura, my make-up artist friend, encouraged me to try a little sugar to remove any damaged skin in order to allow full absorption of the oil.

It works like magic.  You can spend lots of money on fancy exfoliators, but I have found sugar to work just as well.

After cleansing my face with almond oil, I lather on a thick layer of Eucerin.

Let me be clear; I despise Eucerin.  No offense to the brand, because it works like a dream.  It’s just that Eucerin is thick and greasy.  Turns out it’s just what my face needed.

I bought the tub of Eucerin cream as opposed to the thinner hand lotion.  This is not technically face cream, but it works wonders.

I apply a thick coat of cream until it almost looks like a mask and I rub it into my skin as much as possible.  Then I go to sleep with it on.

Note: If you want to wear today’s hair tomorrow, you’ll need to clip your hair back, because it will make your hair greasy.  It will also get on your pillow case, so just be warned.  I really don’t mind.  A little stain on my pillow case is a small price to pay for good skin.  No one sees my pillow case, but everyone sees my face.

I do not wash my face in the morning.  I rinse it in the shower, but that’s it.  In the morning I moisturize with St. Ives Timeless Skin.  I’ve heard it is a Dr. Oz recommended moisturizer, and as a bonus, it’s cheap.  This tub cost around five to six dollars.

St. Ives Timeless Skin Moisturizer Dr. Oz recommended

I am happy to say that my skin is mostly healed.  I plan to continue this skin care routine throughout the winter.  I would certainly recommend these products to anyone else who is suffering from extremely dry skin.  And remember, this treatment isn’t just for your face.

All the best, ~FringeGirl


14 thoughts on “The Cure for Dry Skin

  1. Angie Vik

    I used to have bad problems with bad dry skin, so I can relate a little to your predicament, though I never had dry skin on my face. Cutting back on processed foods and sugar helped me. The better my diet is, the better my skin is. Glad you were able to find something that helped.

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  3. free penny press

    Have you noticed European’s that consume large amounts of Olive Oil in their diets have gorgeous skin.. So the outside would work just as well. thanks for the tips!!

  4. Apple Hill Cottage

    If you have teenagers who have acne, mix in a little castor oil with the olive oil, give them a makeup remover sponge, and have them clean their face with that. For some reason the castor oil works on acne. Oil cleans oil. The olive oil has been my face regimen (without the eucerin) as well, and this is the first winter my skin hasn’t been itchy and flaky in years…

  5. Tom

    Also consider doing this for your feet at night before going to bed. Don”t rinse it off. Just slip socks on over your feet. As a diabetic I’m very aware about chassis maintenance. When you wake up and pull your socks off your feet will be like new. The poor things that carry you around everywhere will breathe with new life!

  6. JennG

    Definite “YES” to the header. Yes, Eddie always uses olive oil for dry skin and I use it occasionally. It does work wonders.

    1. The Domestic Fringe Post author

      You especially have to get creative when you don’t have $100+ bucks to spend on fancy skin care products.

      Thanks. Been working on my header for a week. Finally, I think it’s where I want it. Not an easy task for this girl who knows zero about web design.

  7. Nikki

    I use olive oil in a healing salve that I make. The olive oil itself has wonderful healing properties! : ) I’m glad you found it.


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