Changes on The Domestic Fringe

You may have noticed that this blog went through an identity crisis this week.  It’s because I am gearing up for something big (read on and you’ll find out what) and I’m trying to find my way in this wonky world of blogging.


I think I changed my header four times before settling on this one.  If you hate the little house and bird, please don’t tell me, because I cannot bring myself to create one more lousy design.  I actually like this header and think it’s going to be around for a long time.


Note:  Everything creative is subject to my whims and weather conditions.  The longer it remains below zero, the more time I have to play around, because you know I’m not going outside in this wicked weather.


I know the entire layout is slightly altered and may be a bit difficult to navigate, so let me help you.

  • The comments button is at the top of the post.  I don’t like this any more than you, but I can’t change it.  Sorry.  Please know I appreciate every single comment and I read them all.  I’m attempting to be better at responding to all your comments.  It’s a goal.
  • The pages are at the top, above my header graphic.  I changed up the “About Me” page.  It’s not exactly what I want it to be, but as in everything, I am growing and learning.  I also added a “Begin Here” page for newbies to The Domestic Fringe.  Please let me know if it’s helpful.  You’ll find my love story, “Fringe Love” at the top along with the “Shop” page.
  • Please click on the buttons in the sidebar if you want to follow along on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


If you follow along with me in a reader, you may have noticed that you can no longer read the full post in your reader.  It provides a few lines and a link over to my blog.  Some of you have emailed me to ask if I can change this.  The answer is yes and no.  Please let me explain.

My word for 2013 is Better.  I’m working towards doing better in so many areas of my life.  One of them is blogging and another is finances.  

As a team, my husband and I need to earn more money.  I know the trend these days is cutting back and living with less, but honestly, we went that route long ago.  I guess in a way, without even knowing it, we were financially trendy a long time ago.  We have worked and reworked our budget and there’s nothing left to cut.  We are responsible for our family, and the ugly truth is that living takes money.  In order to meet our needs, we must earn more.

Grab this button!Copy, paste, and link back to

Grab this button!
Copy, paste, and link back to

I’ve gone the traditional route and looked for a job.  I seem to be striking out in my local job market; however, I have something fabulous growing and blooming right before me.  It’s something I love.  It’s not work to me, because I enjoy every moment of it.  It’s my blog, The Domestic Fringe.

By the end of February I have plans to transition this blog from a WordPress hosted site to a self-hosted site.  This will allow to monetize my blog.

I know some of you just checked out, but please know, I only want things to change for the better.  I’ll still be writing about the same things – the ordinary, the daily, the humorous, and sometimes the ugly, but I hope to have sponsors and partner with companies and brands I love.  I intend to do everything I can to ensure this transition works for both of us.

I know it’s a risk.  I know only a few make it in blogging.  I know my stats aren’t big enough and my talent isn’t great enough, but I also know God gave me a special gift in this blog.  That gift is you.

I love the community and the opportunity to know you better, to make you laugh or think.  I love when you take the time to send me an email or leave me a comment.  I love when someone says “That just made my day.” 

For me, that’s what blogging is all about.  And if I can earn an income while enjoying this community we’ve built, all the better.

I have to at least give it a try.

So the answer to your question, whether I can show my entire post in your blog reader, is yes.  I can.

However, I have over 700 subscribers who never, ever show up in my stats.  Although my personal success as a blogger doesn’t lie in how many people click on my blog, my financial success does.  Your taking a second to click the link in your reader and land on the post you want to read would double my monthly stats, making me more attractive to the companies and brands I desire to work with.

Is it selfish of me to ask you to follow a link?  Yes. 

I just hope you understand my heart in all this.  There’s a reason I’m being a pain in your butt.

Do you forgive me?

If you’d like to help me and support The Domestic Fringe, please just keep reading and share the posts you love.  I covet a Tweet or a Pin or a Like on facebook.

Thank you for being part of this community.  Thank you to those who read and love and support me each and every day.  I wouldn’t be blogging without you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave them in the comments (button at the top of this post) and I will be more than happy to answer them.

Thank you so much for understanding and supporting me.



43 thoughts on “Changes on The Domestic Fringe

  1. Beth

    Since you and your blog are already fabulous, I know your new venture will be fabulous too! It will be hard work, but I hear the determination behind your words. You’re going to be great! I’ll be following along and cheering you on.

  2. ladyofthemanse

    I don’t normally like to click through, but I can see your reason for it, and if it improves your stats, and brings you a little money, I am happy to do it. I do know that we people in “ministry” do struggle to make ends meet sometimes.

  3. Charming's Mama

    Ya know I love you more’n my luggage FringeGirl and I will remain one of your faithful followers, but I may not always click through to your blog, just being honest here. What’s the point of the reader if you can’t read what’s there? Truth is, I rarely click through on those blogs in my reader.

    I know your decision wasn’t an easy one and its a risky one and you may lose a few but I think that God will bless you regardless.


  4. LadyMongrel

    I love the owl thing because it is kinda represent you(the fringes). I am a silent reader from time to time, and i remember some items that fringekid wear, or some photos from your house contains owl. well, that is just my thoughts any way. 😀
    Good luck for you. greetings from Indonesia!

  5. Auntie Em

    Best of luck (and blessings– I don’t know that luck is ever an issue for a Believer!) I like the bird and house, and your blog is one of my favorites. I hope God does all you can ask or imagine with it!
    Melinda/ Auntie Em

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  8. deep fragile grace

    “I know my stats aren’t big enough and my talent isn’t great enough…” Pish-posh. And yes, God did give you talent in blogging. But remember to trust that if He gave the talent, He can also give the people. And the stats. Praying for your journey and success!


  9. Anna K.

    You’re funny.
    You’re genuine/authentic.
    You have an engaging writing voice.
    You’re willing to learn.
    You’re willing to work.
    You’re funny. (It bore repeating.)

    Wanna know where I’ve seen these qualities before? In other successful bloggers. I think great things are ahead for you!

    Anna K.

  10. Julie

    Love you lady and I am praying for God’s hand to move mountains for you!!! Love the header and the owl header!!!

  11. Alexandra

    1. I really like the new header. I liked it even before I read the post 🙂
    2. It’s great that you’re looking into ways to make your blog work for you. I love reading your stories, and I click over pretty much every day.
    I hope it all works out really well for you… you bring joy to my life and I’m sure that you do the same for many others.

  12. Brooke Shambley

    1. You go girl!
    2. Love the banner you chose!
    3. Be blessed in standing up for what God is ready to do in your life and through your life. He teaches us the most when we choose excellence (the “better”). God bless!

  13. Missy

    You’ve made some hard, but wise, choices and I pray you are given more success than you can hope or imagine. WE’VE been given the gift of your writing! I like the changes and look forward to seeing more of what comes our way from you with every new post! Chin up and keep typing. 🙂

  14. John Hayden

    I like the house and bird and tree! I’m curious to know what your plan is for making money by blogging. I tried self-hosting one of my blogs a few years back, but never generated enough traffic to make money through advertising. The small expense of self-hosting, plus other minor expenses, can use up whatever income is generated. I don’t want to discourage you; I wish you great success. Like you, I feel it ought to be possible to earn a little money through blogging, if you have the magic formula.

    Your family budget-balancing experience is instructive for all of us, individually and as a nation. Many politicians are fond of saying that when a family budget is out of balance, the family cuts expenses to solve the problem. But politicians seem to think that cutting expenses is the FIRST AND ONLY answer. Yes, families do cut expenses. But even more so, families look for ways to increase income! We ask for a raise, work to sell more so as to increase our commission or bonus, look for a better job, look for a second job or a third job in the family, rent out the extra bedroom, hold a yard sale. The possibilities are endless.

    I’ve lived simply and cheaply for years, and I’m in favor of it. But taken to its extreme, spending less leads to a barren lifestyle. Especially if you have children, extreme frugality means the children miss experiences that would be educational and broadening. I’m cheering for you to make at least a little money through blogging, and perhaps show others how it can be done.

    1. The Domestic Fringe Post author

      John, there are a few ways to make money through blogging, but I think the best way would be to become an affiliate for a brand. You may test their product, write a review, host a giveaway, tweet their brand (links, etc). Companies pay you to do those things. I’ve already been approached by several companies who were willing to pay money, but I had to turn down their offer because of the WordPress guidelines. Self-hosting would allow me to work with those companies.

      You can also sell advertising space, but I don’t think that’s where the real money lies. Now, don’t take my word for any of this, because I am new to the game; however, from all I read and hear, that is how you can monetize your blog.

      And, yes, I agree, budgets can only be cut so much. I do want to give my children opportunities to grow and experience new things and that requires money. I think there has to be a balance between controlling your spending and your choices and allowing money to control you. What some don’t realize is that if you’re not making enough money, money is still controlling you, because it’s a constant battle to stay afloat and pay the bills.

      Anyhow, thanks for your thoughts and comment.

  15. Jessie @ Dream & Differ

    Good for you, Tricia! I think the new header is adorable (but so were the previous versions). I bet 99% of your readers are in the same boat as you (and me, for that matter). We’re all trying to make ends meet and support our families in the best, fullest way possible. I wish you the best of luck in this new chapter and will happily click through for the journey!

    1. The Domestic Fringe Post author

      Thanks Jessie. I think you’re right. We’re all doing what we can with what we have. Right now I have this blog, so I’m going to attempt to work through it. Appreciate the kind words!


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