Risking Hypothermia for You

I haven’t been warm since August and that seems like a really long time ago.  It’s been frigidly cold here on the fringe, so cold cars don’t like to start and people’s pipes burst. Twelve below zero is not for the faint of heart.

And today was our big warm up – thirty-six degrees and rain. Great.  Just great.

But you didn’t come here for a weather report, you came here to see what I’ve been wearing all week.  If I were completely honest, I would have taken a picture in my big, fluffy pink robe, because whether I am dressed for bed or for my day, the bathrobe goes on like a full body mitten.  There’s nothing like wearing head-to-toe fleece in January.  The fashion experts would never recommend it, but I would.

women's leather boots and boot socks

I wear these boots every single day.  I love them to bits, but I wish they were fur lined.  I am seriously considering buying a pair of furry boots for the really cold days.  I run a few degrees cooler than average and my feet are the first to freeze.

Any recommendations on really warm boots?

sweater and jeans winter outfitI think this outfit breaks a lot of fashion rules, and honestly I’m not wild about the sweater; however, it is extremely warm.  The sweater is wool, so I don’t mind if it makes me look bigger than normal.  I should have worn a necklace, but oh, well.

Here’s the big fashion no-no.  I am wearing boots and boot socks with jeans that aren’t skinny.  I know it’s against the rules, but when I find a pair of skinny jeans in husky, I’ll buy them.

I made another pair of boot socks by cutting the arms off an old sweater.  Such an easy and thrifty idea.

Sweater:  ? I forgot.  Shirt: Hand-me-down, Jeans: Kohl’s, Boots: Dr. Martens

colored jeans and chambray shirt

I felt as cold as I look.

Pants: Kohl’s, Shirts (both): Hand-me-Down, Necklace: a gift from my husband (years ago – purchased at a consignment shop)

colored jeans and statement necklace

Pants: Kohl’s, Sweater: Hand-me-Down, Jacket: Thrifted, Necklace: Francesca’s

I was watching ice fall from trees, thus explaining the dumb look on my face.

I like colored pants.  It may seem like you can’t wear them with a lot of things, but you can.  As far as I can figure, they go with everything.

And I had my statement necklace long before they were popular.  Just saying.  I think the fancy girls are copying me.

Ma Nouvelle Mode is hosting a special day all about how to wear colored jeans.  I’m not sure my pants are technically jeans, because they are corduroy, but I figure it’s close enough.

Here are a few ways I wear color on the bottom.  I generally dress very casually, because I live in a place where people wear pajamas to the grocery store.  Just sporting day wear makes you look all fain-cy.

colored denim 4 ways to wear jeans

Have you hopped on the fancy pants bandwagon?

What’s your favorite way to wear your colored jeans??

denim jacket and statemtn necklace2

That’s this week’s What I Wore Wednesday.  Join The Pleated Poppy and Ma Nouvelle Mode for lots of fashion inspiration.  They’ll help you shed the yoga pants and fluffy robes.

Well, maybe.


28 thoughts on “Risking Hypothermia for You

  1. Natalia

    Love these outfits! Your owl shirt is to die for, so cute!

    In France, they dress up for everything. Like skirts & tights to a kids birthday party. I’m still getting used to that being from So Cal where everyone is casual!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Auntie Em

    I love your necklace– it reminds me of some kind of candy but I can’t remember what it’s called– and you look mighty pretty to be so cold! Where in the heck do you live? I can’t even IMAGINE temps below zero. That’s just wrong. Is that the same dark lipstick that you debuted and didn’t like but I did? I still like it!

  3. Missy

    I really love the sweater, actually. It’s so flattering with the grey(?) shirt underneath. And I’m loving that statement necklace. I have a pair of hot pink courderoy skinny pants that I love to bundle up in with a black or grey sweater. Long long long sweater. Like, down to my ankles, sweater. 😉

  4. Coming East

    Loved the fashion show. You are such a cutie! And I also own a pair of Uggs, though not the leather ones. My feet are never cold in them, and I, too, am a person who is always cold.

  5. Alice

    I was totally with you on the robe thing. Until a very good friend of mine gifted me a long, over the butt, cream colored Irish knit sweater that I now throw over everything, even other sweaters. Very cozy. This winter is the pits! Waiting for spring. Oh and vests are amazing for added warmth around the core. A necessity this year.

  6. Christy @ My Invisible Crown

    You are always super cute! And I DO NOT blame you one bit for wearing your robe as a house coat! I do it too and it’s really not THAT cold here. I do love the colored jeans as well. Mostly I try to pair them with a denim or chambray top (like you did). I think you did a great job. This is every day life. It’s not like you were going to the opera. Completely appropriate.

  7. Anna K.

    Ok. I love splashes of color in my outfits (y’know, when I’m not rockin’ my favorite yoga pants), but I haven’t worked up to the whole colored jeans idea. I think they look good on others, like yourself, but am not sure about how they would work for me. Maybe it would depend on the color and the fit….

    Anyhoo, you look great!
    Anna K.

  8. Kate

    Uggs are the bomb! Pricey, but if you live in cold climate, worth every penny. I love you necklace…you trendsetter you! 😉 i am a huge fan of colored jeans!!

  9. dyuhas62

    Love that necklace with the jean jacket outfit! As for boots, I love my leather Uggs. My feet are never wet, never cold and I’ve had them for years. They have sheepskin in them, right down to the toes. Uggs are expensive, unfortunately, so a second bet would be a pair of ski boots from Land’s End.


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