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Valentine’s Day Candle Holders – DIY

DIY Valentine Day Candle Mason Jar

The other day I mentioned that FringeKid and I went a little crazy with the glue gun.  Today I’m going to show you what we made.

DIY Valentine's Day Candle Holder

We spent zero dollars on making these jars.  We gathered up scraps of this and pieces of that from all around the house and then we set to work.

I generally wash and save spaghetti sauce jars and salsa jars.  Every now and then they come in handy.

So we raided my stash of jars and set to work.  Most of the ideas were FringeKid’s, because I honestly didn’t have my craft on.  Martha Stewart would have clucked her tongue in disapproval.

Valentine's Day DIY

We used heart shaped cookie cutters to trace hearts on a sheet of scrapbook paper and a book page.  Then we cut them out and modge-podged  them to the jar.  Nothing could be easier.

ribbon stripes on a candle holder DIY

If you’re not crafty, but want to make something with your kids for Valentine’s Day, I would definitely suggest getting yourself a pair of scissors, some glue, and a jar, because this is the craft for you.

I even think one of these jars filled with candy would make a cute teacher gift.  You could always paint the lid red and seal the jar back up.

vintage Valentine's Day print

You can get your free downloadable kissing booth print HERE.

Valentine decorations

Are you making any Valentine Day decorations or gifts?

I’d love to hear all about them.


Satan Cupcakes & A Kitchen Fail

Yesterday several people searched the web for “Satan Cupcakes” and landed on my blog.

I had to let that sink in for a second.  I mean, I know my cooking isn’t the greatest.  I’ve screwed up Pillsbury slice & bake cookies, but Satan cupcakes, really?

The kids love my cupcakes, but I know that’s not saying much.  Give a kid enough sugar and he’ll like anything.

birthday party cupcakes child's party

Then I had to ponder the idea that someone knew just what their friend wanted for their birthday – a Satan Cupcake.

It’s not quite my idea of celebrating, but I can kind of understand how they landed on my blog.  After all, I’ve had my share of kitchen fires, and just yesterday, I did this.

burned sponge

Microwave your sponge on high for five minutes.

Then walk out of the room.

The germs definitely die.

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DIY: Balloon Wreath

balloon wreath

A wise woman knows when to step away from the glue gun and abandon the craft scissors.  She recognizes when she’s been outsmarted by D.I.Y.

I never claimed to be smart.

ballon wreath close-up

Besides, it was my daughter’s eleventh birthday and she’s over the moon for crazy colors and zebra stripes.

Unfortunately I began this wreath the night before her birthday.  It was two days after Christmas and snowing like crazy; however, I loved this wreath the minute I saw this photo on Pinterest.

I knew I had to make it.

balloon wreath over bed

Here’s what you’ll need to make a balloon wreath of your own.

  • A foam circle (they probably call them wreath forms)
  • 3 packages of balloons (72 balloons per package)
  • U-shaped floral pins from the floral arranging section of the craft store
  • Wooden or Foam letter of choice (plus whatever paint or embellishments you want to use on your letter)

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any u-shaped floral pins at Wally World and the nearest craft store is about thirty-five minutes away.  Did I mention there was a snow storm going on?  It was dumb enough that I ventured out to Walmart; I couldn’t go all the way to Hobby Lobby.

So I made do with what I had.  Yes, I can be fiercely determined when I want to be.  It’s not always a good quality.

At first I attempted to hot glue the balloons to the foam wreath form, but the balloon wouldn’t stick.  Go figure.

Then I found a box of paper clips and enlisted my son in the army of Fringe Family Craft Wars.  I had him open the paper clips and use a pair of pliers to cut the metal so I had two perfect “U’s” from each paper clip.

This was a bad idea.

Balloons fall off if you touch the wreath, because the metal clips aren’t long enough to go deep enough into the foam, but once it got on the wall, we’ve had no problems.

Consider this war won.

Simply put a balloon into the paper clip “u” and insert the clip into the styrofoam.  Repeat three hundred times.

balloon wreath with zebra print letter A

I kinda love it, and I’m just crazy enough to attempt another one of these balloon wreaths one day, but only with the proper floral hooks.  I’m all out of paper clips anyhow.

What do you think?  Would you ever attempt a balloon wreath?

lollipop birthday cupcake yellow & blue

The wreath kinda matches the cupcakes I made for her birthday party in school.  Doesn’t it?

Annaliese Eleven

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DIY New Year’s Eve Party Decorations

DIY New Year's Eve decorationsI’ve never decorated for New Years before, but my daughter is getting older and she loves a good party.  Besides, my brother-in-law and his family are coming to ring in the New Year with us, so we decided to make things festive, because our house wasn’t festive enough with Christmas decorations and birthday balloons everywhere.  {???}

2013 Glitter banner on painted palletI know the whole idea of hanging a wooden pallet on your wall is a little bit beyond weird, but I love it more than any other piece of decor in my house.

It’s a backdrop for all kinds of fun.  I figure I can change it up every month.  How fabulous is that?

DIY glitter numberI employed my son, and by employed, I mean I drafted him into my Craft Wars Army to labor for free.  He ripped old boxes apart into manageable pieces, so FringeKid and I could cut numbers out of them.  Then we covered them in glitter.

If you want to get fancy (translate spend money), you can buy wooden numbers from a hobby/craft store and add glitter.

We rocked this project with old school free-hand, because “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.”  So says the Nester.

DIY New Year's Eve stars with glitterI used a star ornament as a template and cut out stars from a box.  They got a good coating of glitter and then I hot glued them together with a wooden stick in the middle.  (I bought the sticks from Wally World.)

One side of the star is gold and the side is silver.  I love em’, and after New Years, they can double as magic wands.  You give them a little flick and the entire house cleans itself.

Ya, I’m totally dreaming on the magically clean house, but hey, a girl can wish.

Happy New Year FringeGirl

Happy New Year friends.  You’ve made it the best year ever for The Domestic Fringe.  If it weren’t for your support and encouragement, I’m sure I would have quit blogging long ago.

You’ve become more than readers to me, you are friends who share my life.

Love you all!


DIY: A Word-Lover’s Gift

Hand-made Scrabble Picture  - Gift for the word loversFringeBoy made this as a gift for my mom.  I pretty much love it and I’m certain she does too.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own scrabble tile wall hanging.

One picture frame

Aassorted Scrabble tiles

An old book

Modge-podge glue

Foam brush

Hot glue gun

DIY Scrabble Tile PictureModge-podge book pages on the back of a frame, because you’ll need to allow space for the Scrabble tiles.  He did not use any inserts, just the very back part of the frame.  If he used another board as an insert, we would need to remove the glass.  The tiles take up a bit of space.

Coat glue on the hard frame back.  Lay down the book pages and go over the entire page with glue.  Work in small sections.

Decide what words you want to use in your “Scrabble” puzzle and then hot glue the letters onto the board.  Glue extra letters randomly at the top.  FringeBoy added the extra “love you” message at the bottom and I think it’s super-sweet.

You can find Scrabble tiles for sale on Etsy or buy replacement tiles directly from Hasbro.

DIY Scrabble tile pictureI’m certain the word-lovers in your life would love to hang one of these hand-made gifts on their wall.


DIY Teacher Gifts – Super Easy & So Cute

printable teacher giftThere are only a few more days until school is out for Christmas break.  If you are like me, you’ll spend the next few days scrambling for teacher gifts.

In light of the recent tragic events, I think it’s safe to say we all appreciate our children’s teacher more than ever.

Yesterday I stumbled on some great teacher gift ideas (thank you Lemonade Makin’ Mama) and they are so easy.  All you need is a printer and a frame.

I love when talented bloggers make their printables available to us.  It’s the sweetest gift.  They use their gifts to bless us and we in turn can bless others.  That’s how the world should spin round.

The above print can be found HERE.

I couldn’t resist painting the frame and the matting.  I tend to go overboard with color as demonstrated in my dining room, but I cannot help myself.

printable teacher gift dry eraseThis next printable is to be used as a dry erase board.  The teacher can write the number of days left to a big event, class trip, school project, or any number of other fun things.  At the bottom you write the event.

For example you can write 4 (at the top) more days until Christmas Break (at the bottom).

Fun, right?

You can find this dry erase printable HERE.

I hope this helps you create special gifts for your children’s teachers, because where would we be without them?

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Trash -2- Treasure: DIY Pallet Wall Art

I told you about my dining room woes the other day when I woke up purposed to spread glitter and glue and freshen up our neglected dining space.  Well, one thing lead to another and the projects kept flowing.

Christmas salt shaker ornament

FringeMan even busted out the screw gun and wall mud.

I am convinced all projects would be left undone if we never had company.  Every single time we invite a whole crowd over, something else gets done.  If you’re just coming to dinner by yourself, as a couple, or one family, chances are not good for home improvement, but if you come as a pack, we’ll put on our tool belts and get to work.

There’s energy in numbers and apparently motivation too.

ornament salt and pepper shakerI originally said this mini-makeover was going to be cost free, and it almost was, but I splurged the big bucks and sacrificed $17 for the beauty of my dining room.

I had to make one of Edie’s pom-pom yarn wreaths.  I couldn’t help myself.  I cannot resist hanging shag on my wall.

Shag Wreat DIY Project

Edie’s little girls made her wreath and they did a better job than me.  Who knew there’s a science to creating yarn pom-poms.  I made four before I got the hang of it.  Now some places on my wreath look like they need a hair cut.  Oh, well.  I need a hair cut too.  We’ll both have to wait a while.

DIY Pallet Wall Art Christmas

I hung my new pom-pom wreath on a pallet my husband salvaged from a trash heap in front of a factory.  My husband intended to use it as kindling in our wood stove, but when I walked into the garage, I fell in love with those little wooden squares.

FringeMan looked at me sideways when I hauled it into the house, but I knew I could use it somewhere.

I had some leftover red paint from the table and slapped a coat on.  The boards are still rough cut and have little shards of hanging wood in places, but I decided to go with the raw look.  Besides, if you knew me, you’d know there’s no way in this world I would sand that whole entire pallet.

trash to treasure pallet wall art

I’m not sure what I’ll hang on the pallet after the holidays, but the options are about as many as my imagination will allow.

I thought about using it as a photo board, hanging the kids art from it, making one of those nifty fabric banners that are so popular, etc, etc.  I’ll have to wait for inspiration to hit me.

After glamming up the walls garbage picker style, we went out and bought a rug.  My husband cleaned out the garage and found two tools he bought for a very specific job.  The job changed and he never used these tools.  Since they weren’t common and he had no real practical use for them, we returned them and bought a cheapo rug.

dining room

We have big plans to put new flooring in our dining room, but we’ll have to throw a block party before that project gets done.

So what do you think?  Would you hang a wooden pallet on your wall?