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Redneck Gourmet

I’ve always said that I want to support my kids in whatever they choose to do, whatever dreams or ambitions they desire to chase.  I want to stand behind them and cheer them on.

When I held my baby boy in my arms, I never thought that in a quick thirteen years he’d become a redneck gourmet, but life is full of surprises.

redneck gourmet

Last week he told me that he wanted to cook a hot lunch and bring it to school.

“What do you want to make?”  I asked.

“Sausages and rice.”

“Well, I’ll have to get some sausages next week when I go grocery shopping.  Do you want the fat links or are you talking about breakfast sausage?”

“No, no.  I want the little sausages that come in the can.”

“Vienna sausages?”

Realize the disbelief in my voice was heard around the world.

“Yes!  Those are the ones.”

I’ve never in my life eaten a Vienna sausage.  The mere thought of them completely grosses me out, but I aim to please and I figure they can’t kill him, at least in the short term.  So I bought two cans of sausages and a bag of rice.

This morning my sous chef was simmering rice without the lid on the pot.  He had a square plastic container with all these little pale colored sausages stacked up.  Next to the “meat” he stacked a pile of sugar-snap peas, uncooked.  Then he piled in a steaming mound of half-cooked brown rice.

He was so proud of this meal, happy at the thought of home-cooking.  It almost makes me want to go out and buy him another can of sausages.  Almost.

He’s lovin’ him a little redneck gourmet.

Hopefully it’s a stage.



Hello Monday, Hello Donuts

Hello early Saturday morning.

I am generally against anything beginning with the word “early”, but the early bird gets the donut…or something like that.  bakery

Hello Donuts.

When I was kid, my father would go out very early on Sunday mornings and buy fresh rolls, bagels, and donuts.  He would pop in my room way before my alarm clock was set to go off to see if I had any special requests.  Boston cream donuts and poppy-seed bagels were my usual favorites.

bakery counter

No offense to this world’s bagel makers, but New York City bagels are about the best in the world.  New York may not do everything right, but they know how to make bagels and pizza.  End of story.

Hello white hot cocoa.

white hot chocolate & donut

One Donut + One White Hot Cocoa = One Entire Day’s Worth of Calories

Sugar and fat at its finest!

giant donut ct

Hello two happy kids.

We don’t eat them often, but when we do, we savor each bite.

jc donut shop Domestic Fringe

I’m joining Lisa Leonard in saying hello to life.  You can visit her blog and read what so many others are saying hello to today.

Here’s the big question.  What is your favorite type of donut?

One more thing, because I am confused.  Do you spell it donut or doughnut?  Apparently, both ways are acceptable, but that is one too many choices for this poor speller.  I vote we choose one way and stick with it.


My Kid’s Loose Lips

If you follow along with The Domestic Fringe on Facebook, you probably saw this status update.

My daughter just got home from school. She half opened the door and yelled (for all the parents waiting at the bus stop in my driveway to hear), “You’re still in your bathrobe!!!
For the record, I am showered, hair done, makeup on, and I’m fully dressed. I was COLD! So I put my robe on to warm up. Sheesh. Some people’s kids.

My kids have a knack for saying the worst things about me.  The minute we get in public, their lips let loose.  My mother probably says the same thing about me.

spider headband - kids

I’d like to say it was worse when they were little, but that’s not true.  When they were really young, all the terrible things they said were made up stories, imaginations run wild.  Now there is a semblance of truth behind what they blab about, making it all the more embarrassing.

When my son was about five years old, he told the pediatrician I fed him squirrel.  The kid was convincing.  I even questioned dinner from the night before.  The doctor looked at me like I had three heads.  I saw little question marks pop into her eyes.  Then my son preceded to tell her an elaborate story of how we caught the squirrels.

I swore I never, ever fed him a squirrel.  Maybe some chicken beyond proper identification, but never squirrel.  I still don’t think she believed me, and how can I blame her.  My son was convincing.

In fact, my husband worried he would grow up to be a conniving little liar.  I was pretty sure this was one of those awkward kid stages, the kind where the lines between imagination and reality blurred, but every once in a while I doubted my judgement.

Thank God he outgrew the stories.  Now he just tells the truth and honestly, sometimes the truth is far worse than the fiction.

I am sure you can relate, because I suppose my kids are not so different from yours.

So do tell.  What have your children said about you?


Hello Monday – Hello Five Guys Fries

me at Five GuysHello old sweater who found new life as a circle scarf and boot socks. 

I’ll show you how I repurposed my sweater on Wednesday.

Hello almost teenage son with his fancy new electronic toy. 

It’s kind of weird having someone else on the picture snapping end of the camera.  I have a feeling many, many ridiculous pictures of me will be floating around the web.  Half the time I don’t even realize he’s taking the picture!

ct at Five Guys

Hello Five Guys.

I wish I didn’t hate to love you so much, but your fries speak sweet nothings to me and before I know what is happening, I’ve fallen into potato love.

JC at Five Guys

Hello diet challenge gone terribly wrong.

I have a feeling I shouldn’t have let FringeMan eat that burger, but it was the only thing he ate all day.  I hope he did a lot of walking, lifting, bending, and stretching while he was at work, because Five Guys packs a caloric punch.

coca-cola machine at Five Guys

Hello super-cool futuristic soda machine.

I know I should passionately hate soda, but this lovely machine has Caffeine Free Diet Coke with Lime.  Hello love.  Let me drink of your saccharine goodness.

Starbucks coffee in Barnes and Nobles

Hello cheap date at Barnes and Nobles.

By “cheap date” I really mean family outing to let the kids spend the gift cards they got for Christmas.

I love sitting around the Starbucks Cafe and reading magazines.  Have you heard of the magazine The Artful Blogger?  It was fun to look through…so many talented people out there.  Anyway, they said you cannot be a blogger unless you are a little crazy and passionately alive.

At least that’s how I remember what it said.  It’s not nearly word for word, but it was a good line.

owl tumbler with striped straw Starbucks

Hello cutest tumblers in the world.

I’m in love with a plastic cup.  As if cheeseburgers and fries weren’t enough, now there’s a cup.  Isn’t it adorable?

I’ll be honest; I felt a little sad leaving it behind.

vintage war bride ring of love

Hello ring that I almost lost.

I kind of freaked out in Barnes and Nobles.  I felt my ring slip off my finger and then I couldn’t find it anywhere.  It was Ade’s ring!  Do you remember her?  The now dead lady whose husband went off to war and never came home…fictionally speaking of course…it was her ring!

Thank the Lord I found it.

That ring has been around since 1942 and I nearly lost it in 2013.  Darn my skinny fingers.  If it were necessary that I had a skinny part on my body, why couldn’t it be my thighs?

It is a mystery I’ll never understand.

Now I would love to know what you are saying Hello to today?  Tell me all about your weekend in the comments, and have a Happy Monday!

I’m linking to Lisa Leonard’s Hello Monday.  Go visit and say Hi.



2013 Weight Loss Competition

Brothers Biggest Loser Weight Loss ContestTwo Brothers

One Scale

Weigh-in on Father’s Day, 2013

John & JoeCompetition is fierce and they both have lovely, amazing, energetic, smart, nagging, loyal women on their sides.

We will encourage and advise, but the work is up to the boys.

Stay tuned to The Domestic Fringe and find out who will be the Biggest Loser.


It’s a New Year – 2013

New Year’s Eve 2012 was the best New Years we’ve had in a long time.  Think family, fun, and high calorie food.  My brother-in-law high-fived me when he found the crock of Little Smokies.

I think this picture pretty much says it all.

Snuggies gone wild

*** Caption Contest ***

Give that photo a caption!

This New Year’s Eve, the adults came to terms with their age.  We all knew we were really getting old when we were ready for bed at 10:30 pm.  The kids were a different story.  I blame the fancy cotton candy and 7 Up drink.  (Complete Pinterest Fail.)

They got their second wind about 12:30 in the morning and flipped on Wii dance.  Word has it they danced until 3 am, but it’s unverified.  I threw in the towel at about 1:30 am.

And so, a new year is upon us.  I’m really excited for 2013.

Join me tomorrow for my thoughts on the coming year and the future of The Domestic Fringe.

And don’t forget to name that photo!


11 Things I Love About My 11 Year Old

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to You,

Happy Birthday dear FringeKid,

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!

Silly Kid 1

1..She is an unwavering optimist.  She is hardwired to see the silver lining in everything.  It’s difficult to have a bad day when FringeKid is around.

2..She loves a good girl’s night.  Watch a girly movie, pop pop-corn, go shopping – whatever, as long as we do it together.

silly kid 3

3.  She is a fast friend to everyone she meets.

4.  She is quick to forgive.

5.  She wears her smile every day.

6.  She is a helper.

silly kid 2

7.  She cannot understand why adults wear so much black.  I love that.  Color the world and begin with me.

8.  She is a snuggle bug, always has been.

9.  She thinks up nice things we can do for other people.

10.  She is generous with everyone and shares everything she has.

11.  She is growing up to be a warm, caring, loving girl who is beautiful on both the inside and the outside.

Happy Birthday FringeKid!

Here is an excerpt of FringeKid’s baby story…

I remember the year of my second pregnancy as the waddle and wail.  Showing at two and a half days into conception, I walked like a duck for a full forty weeks.  Near the end, I had to arch my upper half so far backwards that I feared I would never again remember how to walk fully upright.

I was an anomaly – the hunchback in reverse.

Crying on the table in the examining room, I repeatedly begged my doctor to induce me.  My baby had to be unhappy since she was folded into an envelope sealed with amniotic fluid; however, my doctor was hardened by the hormones of many women filled to their chin with baby fat.

This is why I believe there are many advantages to having an OBGYN who still has wet ink on her diploma.  The possibility remains that she can be manipulated by over-sized hysterics.

Read FringeKid’s full baby story HERE.