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Chocolate Lover’s Cake in A Mug

chocolate microwaved cake in a coffee mug

I resisted attempting one of these chocolate cakes in a mug because I know my own weaknesses.  Chocolate cake is like kryptonite for me, along with m&m’s, potato chips, ice-cream…well, you get the idea.

Eventually good sense gave way to a craving and all it took was my son saying, “I wish we had something sweet” to send my mind into a tizzy.  Chocolate Cake in a mug became my sole focus.

I think an alternate name could be PMS cake, but maybe that’s just my imagination gone wild.

In the spirit of full disclosure, this is a cake cooked in the microwave, so don’t get your expectations up too high.  It’s good, but the texture is a little rubbery.  Don’t skip adding the chocolate chips.  Those help a lot and they’re not bad for the taste either.  I mean, chocolate on top of chocolate is Love + Love.  It cannot equal anything less than good.

I first followed and tried this recipe from Completely Delicious; however, I’ve looked at a million recipes and they are all pretty much the same.  Use the normal cake ingredients and you really can’t go wrong.  I like this particular recipe because it adds the chocolate chips.

microwavable chocolate cake in a cup

The Recipe:

3 TBS Vegetable Oil – I’m betting you can substitute butter, or if you’re like my kids, use olive oil.

3 TBS Milk

1 Egg

1/4 tsp Vanilla Extract, preferably Fringe Vanilla.  Oh, and I never actually measure my vanilla.  I just pour.

3 TBS Flour

4 TBS Sugar (ok, I never claimed this was good for you.)

2 TBS. Cocoa Powder

Pinch of Salt (whatever that means)

3 TBS Chocolate Chips (Don’t skip this step.  Trust me.)

Mix all the ingredients in a large mug.  My mug is pretty big and gives me room to put a small whisk inside of it.  Then pop it in the microwave for two minutes.  Sprinkle with powdered sugar and it’s read to eat.

One mug of this cake is a lot.  It’s too much for one person, even me.  So plan on sharing it with someone, unless of course you need it all.  Then by all means, indulge.

Valentine's Day chocolate cake

This might be a fun Valentine Day treat you let your kids help make and then share.  I think the novelty of eating cake out of a cup is enough to make this recipe special.


P.S. I know today is Wednesday and I usually participate in What I Wore Wednesday, but I only have one picture from this week.  I intended on getting more pictures, but the timing, the snow, and the photographer (aka my kid) just didn’t work out this week. If you want to see my one outfit (and believe me it’s nothing special), head over to my facebook page and I’ll post it there.  Thanks!

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Devil’s Surprise

Hello Confetti

My mother is on a mission to get even with me for some contrived childhood offenses, at least that is the only reasonable explanation for filling my son’s birthday card with a pound and a half of confetti.

birthday balloon confetti

At first I thought these little balloons were cute, but two days later, they are the devil’s surprise.

The balloons migrated into every corner of the house.  I stepped into the shower and balloons   were there.  I walked into the laundry room and balloons were there.  I sat on the couch and balloons were there.  I served dinner in the dining room and balloons were there.  You get the point – balloons are everywhere!

FringeMan came home the other night and plopped into his “man chair” (he doesn’t have a whole cave) and said, “Everywhere I look I see sparkles.”

Birthday confetti

The other thing you see is wood chips.  Please, don’t even get me started on those.  They may be worse than confetti.

Hello Girl’s Day

FringeKid and I had most of Saturday to ourselves, so we declared it a Girl’s Day and decided to get our craft on.

I told you about my big ideas for celebrating the holidays and making more of decorating (yadda, yadda, yadda), but my budget didn’t line up with my plans, so we scrounged the house for supplies that could be contrived as worthy of a holiday that is hearts and flower and candy.

kitchen table turned craft table

Turns out our imaginations may be more suited to spring, but I figure we can reuse the decorations for Easter if we must.

You’ll have to wait to see our creations.  Sorry about that.

Hello Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

Winter has its’ hazards.  Creative snacking is one of them.  FringeKid found a box of melting chocolate and well, the rest is history.

chocolate dipped pretzels in a pan

There’s something about salty and sweet that creates the perfect mix of pleasure food.

Sunday I listened to a sermon that left me with this thought.

Heaven is going to be a grand calorie-free buffet. 

I’m not sure if that’s Bible or an older preacher longing for a better dinner, but it’s a nice thought just the same.

Hello Singing and Dancing

FringeKid cranked up the music and grabbed a microphone.  We had a regular party going on.

singing in broom microphone

And if white men can’t jump, white chicks can’t dance, at least this white chick, but we gave quite the performance anyway.  Life is too short not to let your crazy out and have a little fun.  You can quote me on that.

Hello Redneck Gourmet

He was back for a repeat performance, only I like this dish a whole lot better than the canned sausages.

vanilla cake with chocolate icing

My kids say I over-instruct when they are cooking, so I did not even set one little toe into the kitchen.  They managed to bake a wonderfully moist cake.  I suspect it was all the olive they used.  In the words of my mother, “That’s one expensive cake.”

And now it’s your turn.  What are you saying Hello to today?

I’m joining Lisa Leonard and many others in saying Hello to Monday.


Birthday Cake Shake

birthday cake shakeWe never set out to make traditions.  They just sorta happen.

Some families love tradition – the memories, the ritual, the thought of passing down something to another generation.  We just haven’t prioritized making traditions.  We’ve made lots of memories, but that’s about it.

Perhaps it’s because we’re not overly traditional.  I mean, FringeMan is more traditional than I am.  He insists we eat turkey every Thanksgiving; whereas I wouldn’t mind eating baked ravioli parmesan on our November holiday.

Despite the spontaneity and haphazardness of our lives, some traditions find us.

Getting a special treat after the Christmas program in school is a tradition.  It all began after my daughter’s first chorus concert.  We decided to stop at McDonald’s and get a milk shake.  She reminds us it’s something we do after every concert.

The other night after her performance I decided to make Birthday Cake Shakes.

I originally saw the recipe HERE, but tweaked it slightly to work for what I had in my cabinets.

You’ll need:  1/2 gallon vanilla ice-cream, one funfetti cake mix, and milk

In a blender combine the softened ice-cream, approximately half the bag of cake mix (or about one cup), and a splash of milk.  By splash I mean about 3/4 to one cup.

Blend away.

karo syrup and candy sprinkles

Lightly coat the rim of a glass (I used too much) with corn syrup and dip in a bowl of sprinkles.  It ups the fancy ante.

birthday cake shake with sprinklesEnjoy!  And try not to think about the calories.


How to Make a Cake Pop in 6 Simple Steps

A few of you wanted to know how I made the cake pops for FringeKid’s birthday, so I decided to give you the recipe with directions.  They are so easy I couldn’t even mess them up, and I haven’t been having such a great cooking week.


1 box cake mix

1 can frosting

1-2 bags colored melting chips (sold in the craft/baking section of your super center or craft store)


sticks (sold with the melting chips)

1 styrofoam block


1.  Prepare the cake according to recipe on box.  Bake.  Let cool and crumble into a bowl in teeny-tiny pieces.

2.  Add 3/4 can frosting.  Mix thoroughly.  It will be a mushy mess and that’s good.

3.  Roll into little balls (you can use a melon baller if you want) with your hands and lay them all on a cookie sheet.  After the cookie sheet is full, pop it in the fridge for about 20 minutes until the cake balls are cold.

4.  Stick your melting chocolate in the microwave for about a minute.  Melt in small batches, because it hardens quickly.

5.  After the chips are melted, dip your stick into the chocolate and then insert in a cake ball.  You use the chocolate like glue.  Then cover the entire cake ball in melted chocolate.  I used a spoon and I dipped the ball.

It’s important that there aren’t any open spots or cracks.  You can use a toothpick to cover any cracks.  If you have a pinhole or crack the pressure will make the cake “poop” out.  It’s not pretty.  The last thing you want is a pooping pop.

6.  Add a few sprinkles to the top and you’re done.  It’s easy!

Now if you’re uber talented, you can buy the Bakerella cookbook and turn these pops into little critters with fancy painted faces.  I’m a simple (read not-so-talented) kinda girl, so little cake balls with sprinkles are fain-cy for me.

Everybody will love them, I promise!

I couldn’t have made these pops without phone counseling from my sister-in-law.  She does amazing things with butter and sugar.  Every Christmas FringeMan reminds how good her sugar cookies are and how not-so-hot my sugar cookies turn out.  I just can’t replicate her cookies.  She’s good, I tell ya.

Just be warned – once you start eating these, you won’t want to stop.  You will get a bad case of caloric love.  Don’t blame me!