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Picture This

I have a very special guest for Friday’s Spotlight this week. 

Ya, I don’t care if it’s not Friday.  I’m just not good with schedules.  Don’t ever let me keep your appointment calendar.  I mixed up my babies so badly that they never knew if it was time to eat, sleep, or poop. 

Anyway, I get to introduce you to my amazing sister-in-law, Kelly.  She’s not only a talented photographer, but she makes the best sugar cookies and pizza this side of Texas.  She fixes her coffee with 1/4 cup sugar and 1/2 cup creamer.  She’s even colored my hair.  Thankfully she did a better job on my hair than she did on my mom’s. 

You’ll have to ask her about that.


I just stole this picture from her blog.  Aren’t my nieces adorable?  My brother is one lucky man!


How long have you been blogging and what or who motivated you to launch your site? 

I started blogging Tuesday, September 2, 2008 because I was just starting my photography business and didn’t have a website just yet.  I needed a place to post some pictures and have everyone get to know me at the same time.  Nothing better than a blog.


When you were a child what did you dream of becoming when you ‘grew up’?

Oh, there were many things I was dreaming to be… the earliest I can remember is a veterinarian… then a famous world renowned flute player… then a dancer travelling with Lord of the Dance… then a famous tennis player… then an artist on the streets of France… then back to the Lord of the Dance.  I’m sure there were more, I just can’t remember all of them.


Tell us what you are passionate about…what makes your blood boil, your hackles rise, your heart soar?

 I’m passionate about this photography biz!  It consumes me.  I breathe it in and out all day long.  When I take the kids for a walk I see pictures.  I see angles.  I see light.  It’s truly incredible this whole new magical world I’ve been introduced to.  I’m truly in love. 

My blood boil?  My hackles rise?  Probably the same things that get most people… waiting an hour+ at the doctors when you have an appointment, insurance companies that don’t get your claim right and argue with you until you prove you are right (sigh…very stressful), drivers that cut you off and don’t care, my DVR not recording the Dancing With The Stars Results Show – when you were DYING to know who was kicked off…all your basic injustices of the world.

My hear soar?  This may sound crazy BUT, the smell of my children.  I smell them.  On the head.  I LOVE their smell – not sure what it is about them… can’t get enough of them.  AND… A Starbucks white chocolate mocha.  With my Alissa.  Sitting at Starbucks having breakfast.  Just the 2 of us.  Pure Heaven.


 What aspect of photography do you most enjoy?

Babies.  Babies.  Babies.  I love the maternity shoots.  I love the kids shoots.  I love the family shoots.  But really, I’m just CRAZY about the newborns.  LOVE that teeny tiny little bean. 



What would the FringeBanker (my brother) say is your quirkiest behavior?

 Oh, please, let’s not ask FringeBanker any questions about me.   He would probably say something along the lines of the ritual I have for doing my hair.  There is a little system I have to create the perfect curly mass on top of my head.  I won’t go into the details.  But he always snickers when he sees me creating and fluffing.   He’s just jealous because he’s bald.  And I tell him this.  Then he says to me…What if I come home with a huge curly wig on?  And I just laugh at the thought.  He does make me laugh.


If your car could speak, it would say…?

You are a Grandma.  I drive a Ford Taurus.  And then it would say – Hey Grandma?  Clean me. NOW.  Mainly, because of all of the goldfish, teddy grahams, raisins, animal crackers, and sand sprinkled throughout the entire backseat.


What latest trend simply baffles you?

I would have to say the texting.  Kids text SO FAST – ohmygosh.  Or I should say omg.  I’m just amazed how fast everyone but me texts.  I can’t keep up.  I do text, mind you.  I’m just so stinkin slow.  2 slow 4 u


What is the grossest thing you’ve ever done in public?

Well, I’m sure I’ve done grosser… but this one thing comes to mind.  Ever since I  had kids, whenever I sneeze twice in a row, or cough twice in a row…. you guessed it… a little tinkle in my pants.  Yes, it’s true.  And usually I can control it by just squeezing the life out of my bottom end at the second sneeze.  No big deal.  But I was sick 2 weeks ago.  I’d been coughing like a crazy person and yes, ended up doing extra laundry that week.  Well, I was feeling better and took the kids to the park and then to Chick-fil-A for lunch with a friend.  We left and I was holding Avery in one arm, holding Alissa’s hand in the other hand… and they both had ice cream cones.  While we are walking across traffic, Avery’s ice cream lands on my neck and gets stuck.  I can’t let go of Alissa because of an oncoming car and THEN…. I had to cough.  Twice!  Yep.  You guessed it.  Tinkle in the pants.  Ice cream on the neck.  My friend and I just laughed so hard – I couldn’t help it.  It felt pretty gross driving home.


If we could peek into your closet, what store would be most represented?

You would see American Eagle and Express.  I’ve just been in love with Express lately.  Oh man.  Now I really want to go shopping.  If you looked throughout my HOUSE, you would see Target everywhere.   I LOVE my Target.  Can’t get enough of it.  Ooooo…now I really want to go shop!


Please leave us with one brief thought.

I will tell you, Tricia, you are the most fabulous sister-in-law I could ever ask for.  In fact, you are more sister to me than “in-law”.  I miss you TONS and so wish you lived here again.  And all your readers are lucky to have you for a blogger.  Really. 

(I paid her to say that!)

 Thanks for stopping by to check it all out!!!


To read about FringeBanker, click HERE.

Go visit Kelly and let her know how much you enjoyed her pictures. Click HERE.


Look Up!

 I’m excited today!  It’s Friday and I have a treat for you.  Today’s spotlight is on Erin from Woman In A Window.  Woman In A Window is one of my favorite blogs and if you haven’t read it, you must.

Erin is an extremely talented writer.  She uses her words to capture your soul and lure you into her world. She’s also an amazing photographer.  With each post she not only paints pictures with her words, but also with her camera.  Her photographs are like the icing on the cake – good, buttery icing.  The kind that makes your hips swell in delight.

When you visit Woman In A Window, you’ll leave marked in some way.  You’ll have something to think on because Erin gets deep.  It’s not just another blog about daily life, it’s about the very essence of life itself.  Erin causes me to look inward and she’s not afraid to bare her soul.

I count it a real treat to have her as a guest on the domestic fringe.  Enjoy looking up today!


What’s spring anyway, if not a new fresh start?

And it’s not a rich town. In fact, it’s pretty poor. The playground is a shambles. Kids don’t have a lot to do. Lots of trash and debris around. Not a lot of work to be had. Men hanging out at the stoops of boarded up stores. You know, the more I write about it, I wonder what the heck we’re doing here, but I know my neighbours. They know me. I get a courteous nod from strangers. A helpful hand when we need it. The kids can run out our door with a hammer and nails and build a tree house while I rest at my sink with suds to the elbow watching. Small town. Where else would we want to be?

I walk around my small town a lot. When I say it’s small, it’s very small. We have one grocery store, a couple corner stores, a hardware store and a gas station. That’s about it. It takes me forty minutes to walk the whole darned thing. We’re not annexed onto anything. There’s really no bigger center just over there. This is it. We’re it. If you need new socks you’re gonna go without.

 So I was walking around the other day, tired with the long drawn out process of saying good-bye to winter (it only leaves us in April up here in Northern Ontario) and kicking at all the trash and crap that litters our streets. I was thinking, Ugly Town, ugly, crappy, dingy town. I passed by a store front turned house, that I pass by a dozen of times every day, a dozen times every week for the last five years. And the breeze was warm and I lifted my face to meet it and I opened my eyes. Sometimes you need to look up. Sometimes you need to take a fresh look.

 Look up, Erin, I tell myself. Look up.

It’s amazing how long you can walk without looking up. You can walk days, weeks, years without really looking up. Oh ya, a sideways glance, face turned from the wind, but what do we really see? Sometimes in life, there are left over snow banks dirty and brown, there are bits of refuse, there’s stinky stuff. Sometimes you have to look harder than others, but it’s there to be seen if you care to really look up. It’s beautiful, even the ugly, crappy, dingy stuff. It is beautiful if you really care to look up.


 Here’s that old store front. Imagine what these curtains have witnessed.


Another old remnant in a faltering business. Shoulda been a Coke sign.


We’ve a curious local artist that has metalwork art around town. This bird is housed on a metal tree which never seemed pretty to me before today.


A polarizer can sure make a sky surreal!


Even a simple dove cuts the frame perfectly.



A new perspective on up can almost makes day seem like night.



 A happy house still chugging smoke in April!


Makes you wanna climb, doesn’t it?


And after all that looking up, even looking down and seeing the vestiges of last winter, an iced over puddle I purposely stomped, well, looking down seems new now too, after all that looking up. 


Thank you Erin!  I needed to be reminded to look up today. 

Go visit Woman In A Window.


Surviving Spring: A Quirky Mom’s Guide

Friday’s Spotlight is a little late this week and I apologize.  Instead of the usual questions and answers, we will enjoy guest posts for the next several Fridays. 

Today I’d like to introduce you to Elizabeth from Three Channels.  She is a stay-at-home mom of three and an “accidental” homeschooler.  The “accidental” is her word, not mine.  She always has fun posts on her blog and I know she’d love some company, so go visit!


Enjoy Surviving Spring: A Quirky Mom’s Guide.


 No sooner than the daffodils pop through soaked earth and empty bird shells litter the ground, everyone in my family senses Spring’s beginnings and a certain restless energy brims.  My children grow ready to shed their shoes and live outdoors.  Honestly, after a winter of rainy cold, I’m ready for them to go! 


One of the most magical aspects of Spring is the return of bugs!  Earthworms emerge from rained ground and strain all over the patio.  What could be more thrilling than saving those soil-enriching  creatures from either a flood or sizzling pavement?  Yesterday alone my children spent 30 minutes observing a drowsy (or perhaps dying?) bumble bee floppily flounder in a pile of rocks.  To  this end, I always stock up on inexpensive bug carriers, bug lights, bug vacuums, and bug-catching nets at my local dollar store. 


I have also found that most children can spend hours with a cheap spray bottle filled with water.  I buy these by the dozen, fill them up, and set my children free in the back yard to spray everything in sight!  Spring also heralds the advent of all types of outdoor sports.  If  you are the mother of more than one child, that can mean competing practice and game schedules that might render you shuttling  countless children back and forth from baseball fields to soccer  practice, your van or car brimming with cleats, bat bags, water  bottles and snack wrappers.  I simply love it when two children need to be at separate fields across town at the same time!  (That is usually the day I realize, too late, that it was my day to bring the game snacks.)


I am certainly no matron of organization, but I do like to keep  several items on hand that simplify what can be a grueling schedule!  The first is a pair of flip-flops in a neutral color that preferably two or more children could wear in a pinch.  Because my children believe Spring means shoes are optional, I can’t tell you how many times we show up at a brother’s baseball game only to find someone is shoeless.  Having these “shoe stand-ins” can certainly relieve some stress!  We  actually keep two pair, and yes, there have been times that we could only find one of each color so the hapless child went to the event with one green and one black flip flop.  It certainly could be worse!

In this same vein, I also keep several t-shirts and pairs of shorts in various sizes floating about the van.  Someone is certain to suffer a nosebleed, slip in mud, loll in ketchup or any number of clothes-ruining activities.  Having an extra set of clothes also eliminates some of this stress.  Do you turn around to find ice cream rivulets running down your child’s dress five minutes before you are supposed to work the baseball concession stand?  Never fear–grab a clean t-shirt and go!


Spring is a time of mud and messes, newness and life.  Yet Spring’s busy energy will soon give way to Summer’s lazier, languid freedom, and when that happens, there is truly no need for shoes!


Do you have any Spring-surviving tips?  Please share them in the comments and I’ll compile another list!


Thank you Elizabeth! 

Visit Three Channels HERE.

A Texas Style Friday

I think the Texas Woman is one of the first people who started reading my blog and commenting regularly.  When I visited her, I was instantly hooked.  One of the first posts I read featured a deer’s rear end with a door-bell implanted in its’ butt hole.  How could I not continue to read?

My kids still talk about that doorbell and secretly wish I would put one on the front of my house.

Texans can do it all and Cher, the Texas Woman, is no exception.  She paints, re-purposes junk, and wrote an action packed novel with more twists than a pack of Twizzlers.

I’ll just let the Texas Woman speak for herself.  You’ll be hooked too.  I know it!


How long have you been blogging and what or who motivated you to launch your site?

I’m almost to my 200th post.  I can’t believe it.  My first post was mid-August of last year.  Yah, a lot of us started then.  I don’t know why y’all did, but I started because I’ve always heard a writer should write everyday.  I was working (and still am) on a long-term project and I needed the stimulation of daily, non-bogged-down writing.

I also have a lot of handicapped clients who use the computer as a lifeline.  I thought some of them would enjoy reading something “safe” on the Internet, written by someone they knew.  As it turns out, not many of them visit my blog, but The Texas Woman still forces me to write almost daily, even when I’m the only one reading it!

When you were a child, what did you dream of becoming when you ‘grew up’?

I knew I’d become a cowgirl, marry Roy Rogers after Dale got shot dead on TV, and be rich.  None of those things happened and I’m happy they didn’t.  Cowgirls have to carry TT in their saddlebags and use the terlet behind a tree.  Roy, I realize now, would be too bland for me, and besides, I support women as heroes today so I’d want to be Dale’s sidekick, not Roy’s wife!  And rich ain’t all it’s cracked up to be!

We read your blog and catch glimpses of your current relationship, but tell us about your FIRST kiss.

Lordy, who can remember that far back.  All I know is it wasn’t with Roy and it wasn’t with my husband!  Since I was in college when my husband was in kindergarten…well, you can imagine where I would have ended up if it’d been with him – in JAIL!

In several of your posts, you allude to the fact that you’ve had more husbands than handbags over the years.  Please tell us how you roped ‘IT’ guy?

I didn’t.  His humor roped me in.  We lived in different towns and I couldn’t just pop over to date him.  After all, I wasn’t some innocent, young thing.  I had three children, a farm, and a business.  I was busy.  I told him he could join the kids and me in our activities and I guess he looked us over and decided he would.  He always says that if my kids had been bratty, the dating outcome would have been totally different!  My first post on The Texas Woman is about the night IT Guy and I met.  He’s kept me laughing ever since and we’ve been together twenty years on this April Fools Day.  By the way, “IT” stands for “information technology” since he’s a computer repair manager.

Tell us what you are passionate about…what makes your blood boil, your hackles rise, your heart soar?

Animal abuse makes me see red and reach for my gun – and I don’t mean I’d grab my pistol to shoot the animal!  I’m for severe penalties for animal abusers.  Bug abuse is OK with me.  I’m a plant abuser/killer myself so I attend a 12 step program at a local greenhouse for that.

What is your 15 minutes of fame?

I’ve seen my name in lights, so to speak, several times, sometimes for my art work and sometimes for my writing.  But I guess my real 15 minutes of fame lasted eight years.  That’s how long I owned my own business.  From conception to final sale, I had a blast.  The place sometimes felt like the Cheers bar on TV, even though it was a one hour photo and portrait studio.  Everybody in town knew the place and customers turned into friends.

Please tell us a little about your novel Shuffle and how you were inspired to begin writing.

I’d had the plot and characters rolling around in my head for some time because writing a book was on my bucket list.  I like twists and turns and fun in the books I read.  So when my daughter Code Woman broke her leg and couldn’t do ANYTHING, we needed something to occupy her little pea brain.  We decided that was the time to go for it.  Email is a wonderful thing and God bless the person who invented it!  Code Woman’s too busy now, so I’m writing a sequel by myself.  I’m also writing a ….well, I can’t say anything about that just yet.


What object in your home are you most embarrassed about owning?

Pick any room in our house and there’s sure to be something that normal people wouldn’t own, let alone display.  Dead, stuffed animals line the walls and tables.  Antlers, horns, and skins are all over the place.  Visitors are a little overwhelmed.  They leave with that glazed, dazed, deer-in-the-headlight look!  But it works for us.

How did you begin collecting dead, stuffed animals?

It all started with our snake.  I had just been diagnosed with cancer in a place I didn’t even know a woman could get cancer (really think of a strange place here).  I’d had the biopsies done that day and IT Guy was hovering over me, cutting off my oxygen supply.  So I chased him out to work on his project at the front of the property.  About twenty minutes later I heard a rattlesnake in the house, but it didn’t sound right.  The buzzing wasn’t fast enough.  I turned around and there was hubby shaking the rattlers of a huge snake he’d just killed.  The moral of the story is:  Always get a second medical opinion before you start to worry (no cancer) and if you have to kill something at my house, you’d better be prepared to eat it or get it stuffed!

Exactly how many animals do you have (living and stuffed)?

You’ll be happy to know that there are no dead animals in the cooking area, in the eating areas, in the terlet areas, or on the lawn.  Many cows have voluntarily given us their skulls and hides.  And deer have willingly and freely donated many, many horns to assorted projects and mirrors around the house.

We have two living dogs that are spoiled worse than any child.  In the dead and stuffed department we have a raccoon, a squirrel, the snake, a bobcat, and a deer butt.  We might have more, but those are the ones I can see from where I’m sitting.

Assuming you are not a swimsuit model (although I’m sure you could be), please explain why you wear a swimsuit to work.

I wear a swimsuit because the pools where I work do not permit nudity.  After I retired from Texas A&M, I took up water aerobics like a maniac.  I decided i might as well get paid to work out so I got certified and became an instructor at the gym near our house.  That led to working in a rehab pool with Parkinson patients, which led to more classes at rehab, a hydrotherapy class back at the gym, and a couple of hours a week life guarding.  Until I retired, I couldn’t swim a lick because I had feared water all my life.  Another bucket list thing!

If you could add any work to the dictionary, what would it be?

I love Urbandictionary.com!  Sure, some of it gross or sexual, but it provides definitions for words and phrases that real people use today.  I’m proud to say I submitted a phrase to it and a year later it was accepted.  The term is “poker folker.”  Look it up and give me a thumb’s up on it!

Please leave us with one brief thought.

That’s an oxymoron.  No writer has brief thoughts.  But if I must…laughter is better than tears.  Love is better than hate.


Visit the Texas Woman HERE for daily adventure and laughter.

Read Shuffle HERE.

Thank you Texas Woman!!!

I don’t know about you, but I think I need to make a bucket list.

At some point on Saturday, I’ll be posting a review of a book geared towards parents who want to foster a love for reading in their children.  The publisher sent me a copy to give away, so I’ll also be picking a lucky winner.

Entries will be open until midnight Sunday.  Please pass the word along and encourage people to enter.

Enjoy your weekend!

Portugal Bound

Today on Friday’s Spotlight, I am privileged to introduce you to Nina.  Incase you watched my vlog yesterday, I pronounced Nina’s name incorrectly.  Thankfully she forgave me, but probably only because she’s in the spotlight today.  You see, my being nice to people has special perks.

Nina is pronounced N*ee*na.

Nina and her family are missionaries in Portugal, the country of my father’s birth and where he now resides.  We had an instant connection and I’m happy to say that we’ve been able to develop a friendship despite the miles that separate us.

If you haven’t visited her blog, you must.  She has adorable children, big feet, and throws ‘mamma-fits’ on a semi-regular basis.  She’ll fill you in on the rest!


How long have you been blogging and what or who motivated you to launch your site?

I began blogging in Oct. 2007.  Just a few short months before our departure to Portugal.  I saw it as a means of keeping everyone in the Sates, family & friends updated.  My friend, Tabatha Bentley showed me the ropes.

When you were a child what did you dream of becoming when you ‘grew up’?

I didn’t have dreams as a child.  As strange as that sounds.  It’s probably what’s wrong with me now.  However, I remember writing in a “school days” book that I wanted to be a moviestar, nurse, or mom.  Hey…the way I look at it, I’ve accomplished all three.  Folks around the world see me and hear from me on my blog, I’m nursing boo-boo’s daily and I’m a Mom, five times over!  No, seriously, nothing in this world would give me the satisfaction I have in raising my kids and serving my Lord.

How do people in Portual view American missionaries?

Depends on who you talk to and what problem they are currently blaming on America.

No, really, overall they are accepting.  America is such a strong power in this world that Americans are either loved or hated.  Mostly, to the average Portuguese person, we are strange.  They wonder why we’d leave America to come here.  They wonder why we have 5 kids (one is plenty for them) and they wonder what religion we are.  The people in our village are accepting and very friendly.  But who knows what they say around the dinner table!

What has been the biggest adjustment for your children in this foreign country?

Going to school.  They were all homeschooled before this school year.  So their first time ever in a public school and it was in a different culture in a different language.  You can imagine I’m sure!  However, 5 months after that first day our oldest is basically fluent in the language and the other two are not far behind her.  It was the best thing for them.  They can communicate very well, they’ve made friends, and they have a respect for the people and the culture in which we live.  It was the biggest adjustment, but also the biggest blessing for them.

Tell us what you are passionate about…what makes your blood boil, your hackles rise, your heart soar?

Blood Boil:  For someone to ‘beat around the bush’ when they want me to do something for them.  “Just say what you want already!”

Hackles Rise:  When someone questions my parenting ability.  “Back Off…these are MY kids!  Go have 5 of your own!”

Heart Soar:  My kid’s laugh, my husband’s eyes, and my Lord.  The look on a persons face here in Portugal when my husband is teaching them the Bible and it ‘clicks’ with them.  When they see ‘truth’ for the first time.  When God opens their heart!!

Do church members in the states have unrealistic expectations for foreign missionaries and their families?  

I dont’ think so.  If they do, it’s out of ignorance and I can overlook that.  I would say that the average church member doesn’t really know what to expect from a missionary, so in a sense we’re the ones setting the standard.  I am very thankful for that average ‘church member’.  It’s as a result of their praying and giving that we are able to be here today.  We’re like a team, us and them.  I wouldn’t ever fuss about my team members.

What was your funniest experience on deputation?

Definition:  “Deputation” /noun/-the period of time when and independent missionary raises his/her support before reaching the field.

Our funniest experience was early in our deputation time.  (It lasted for 16 months.  It involved constant traveling and visiting of churches sharing our burden for the Portuguese people.)    We were having a fellowship dinner before a church service in a fellowship hall.  Upon leaving the building headed for the church, my child who was almost 5 at the time, stepped on a “sticky pad” thing that people use to catch mice and bugs.  Her curiosity had gotten the best of her, or maybe she was trying to kill those huge dead camel crickets that were sitting there, who knows?  Anyway, when she tried to pull her foot away, the entire thing came with her.  She freaked out!  Panic. Screams. Kicking her foot so hard she kicked her boot off.  We were all laughing so hard we couldn’t help her.  She was still screaming after her boot was across the room.  her daddy just about had to do surgery to free her boot from the pad.  The more we laughed, the more she screamed, the more we laughed…we had quite a crowd surrounding us before it was all over.

I’m sure I received some unsolicited parenting advice after they saw how we responded to our terrified baby girl.

What is your “15 minutes” of fame?

Are you kidding!!  Being on the Domestic Fringe is better than any 15 minutes of fame!

Give us a bit of parenting advice…

Since you’ve asked…because remember I don’t take unsolicited parenting advice very well.  But I would say to lay down the law and stick to it.  I used to think I knew about kids.  Knew what all parents should do to have well behaved ones, but after having 5 I’ve learned that I don’t know a thing.  I’ve been humbled.  Read the Bible.  The book of Proverbs is an excellent start.


What Portuguese custom simply baffles you?

They’re horrible drivers and they stare.  Even when you make eye contact, shrug your shoulders and raise your eyebrows as if to say, “What are YOU staring at?”  They still keep staring.  I mean, can’t they take a hint?

If you could add any word to the dictionary, what would it be?

Maybe “facaid”  (FringeGirl…maybe you could link to my ‘facade’ story!)  FACADE STORY HERE

Please leave us with one brief thought.

I don’t have anything but brief thoughts, so it’s a good thing you’re only asking for a brief one.  Now…what was I saying?


Go visit Nina @ Portugal Bound!

Thank you Nina!!

Many Blessings,

Friday’s Spotlight – Meet Janna

Each Friday throughout the Spring a faithful reader of the domestic fringe will be in the spotlight. It’s my chance to introduce my bloggy friends to you and for them to showcase their blog.  If you read and don’t comment, there’s no chance of my getting to know you, so I always welcome comments.  I like good comments, but hey, I’ll take the bad with the good or vise versa.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Janna from Something She Wrote.  Janna is a writer with a wonderful spirit and a great personality.  It was easy to become fast friends with her.  I enjoy Something She Wrote because it’s always different.  Sometimes she shares a short piece of creative writing and other times she challenges fellow writers.  Janna knows how to engage her audience and as a reader, you soon feel drawn into conversation. 

Janna is currently writing a book.   Enjoy getting to know her!


How long have you been blogging and what or who motivated you to launch your site?

I’d decided I had to start acting on being a writer – at least to an extent greater than ever before – instead of just dreaming about it.  So I immersed myself in an online forum (AbsoluteWrite.com/forums – Go! See!).  I learned blogging is often an extension of a writer; it’s the thing to do, to build a platform, raise a following.  I thought it’d be a good way to get my voice out there, practice a little.  So I officially started my blog Something She Wrote in October of ’07.  It’s been a great experience, and I’ve met scads of wonderful people.

When you were a child what did you dream of becoming when you ‘grew up’?

I know it sounds hokey, but all I can recall is that I wanted to help people.  The earliest I remember specifically is that I wanted to teach special education.  That grew into plans for Occupational Therapy, and then I found an interest in Psychology.  I did voluteer work, a few related jobs and studies, but in the end married, had two beautiful babies to stay home with, and found my niche in writing.

We read your blog and catch glimpses of your current relationship, but tell us about your FIRST kiss.

I have one word: slobbery.  But I guess he didn’t mind too much…he married me.  (And yeah, just to be clear… my first kiss with the hubs was my first kiss, period.)

Shoot.  I just totally blew that A lady never tells thing, didn’t I?

If we could peek into your closet, what store would be most represented?

I’ve got more than one favorite, but I’d wager to say Target is where I buy clothes the most.  And shoes!  Ooh, the shoes.  So cute and at such good prices, too.  And purses!

Think they’d pay me for saying all that?  Tell ’em I’ll take free merchandise…

Tell us what you are passionate about…what makes your blood boil, your hackles rise, your heart soar?

I get most upset when I’m misunderstood, or when my views aren’t validated.  I put a lot of effort into walking in others’ shoes, and it bums me out when that’s not reciprocated.

My heart soars when my kids make good choices, or if I see tender moments between the two of them or with their daddy.  And then, on a different level but with my wings spread just as wide, when I receive recognition of  or positive feedback for something I’ve written.

What is your “15 minutes” of fame?

I live and breathe in anticipation of the day it happens…

If you could say whatever you wanted to generations past, you’d say…?

Don’t dismiss all the young’uns’; there is quality to be found.

When you dance, you look like…?

A goober.  And that about sums it up.

If your car could speak, it would say…?

“Thank you for making better efforts to keep me clean!  I mean, I love your family, but I do get so tired of leftover snacks and forgotten toys and discarded trash filling my floorboards.”

What object in your home are you most embarrassed about owning?

Granny panties.  Shhh… don’t.tell.anyone.

Give us a bit of parenting advice.

Go easy on yourself.  No parent makes the right choice every time.  And in the end, what matters is that you’ve loved and provided for your kids, taught them how to be kind and helpful and giving, set an overall good example, and been honest about the kind of parent you are:  a human one.

What latest trend simply baffles you?

Skinny jeans.  I’m not sure they look right on anybody.

What is the grossest thing you’ve ever done in public?

The thing that grossed me out – thought it wasn’t under my control – was that my nursing pad soaked thorugh while I was at Target (yeah, Target. see?), and I had to finish my shopping with a saturated boobicle.

If you could add any word to the dictionary, what would it be?

Lurve, because I just lurve the way it sounds.

Please leave us with one brief thought.

I like you.  You, you yonder, you over there.  I like all of you.


Thank you Janna!  The story of your ‘boobicle’ should have been on yesterday’s post, but it’s never too late for an embarrassing moment on the domestic fringe.

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Friday’s Spotlight – Hat Chick

Spring is a time for beginnings.  In anticipation of Spring, I am launching Friday’s Spotlight.  Each Friday throughout the Spring and possibly into the summer, I will spotlight a fellow blogger who is a friend of the domestic fringe.  We will get to know them through their personal stories, questions asked by me, or a featured topic.



If I haven’t already contacted you to participate in Friday’s Spotlight, prepare yourself.  You can run, but you can’t hide.  I will find you!  I have my ways.  After all, I was going to be a private investigator when I grew up.



I am pleased to introduce you to Hat Chick.  Her name and her blog seemed so mysterious to me that once I found her, I had to keep visiting.  Hat Chick not only owns a collection of ‘named’ hats, but she’s also smart and witty.


Please put your hands together in a big round of applause for Hat Chick.  Ok, I don’t really expect you to clap. 




By the way, Hat Chick claims the picture below was taken in Vegas on Big Daddy’s 40th birthday.  The jury is still out on this one.  She may have age-related amnesia like myself.




1.      How long have you been blogging and what or who motivated you to launch your site? 


My first post was April 7, 2008, so I haven’t seen my first bloggy anniversary yet.  Why blog? Because I read that blogging had become an unexpected force in the market/business world, and even though I don’t have a j.o.b. anymore, I like to be “current”.  I’m not a blogging force, but I see how powerful blogs/bloggers are in markets.


2.      When you were a child what did you dream of becoming when you ‘grew up’?


When I was really young, I wanted to be a prima ballerina or a model.  Then in high school, I wanted to be an International Business Woman, whatever that means.  I just knew it would involve travel, great shoes and business dinners.  I still dream of being a model (hat model?) and a tango dancer. BTW, traveling for business?  Not glamorous.  At all.


3.      Tell us what you are passionate about…what makes your blood boil, your hackles rise, your heart soar?


Blood boil – rudeness and people who are inconsiderate of others

Hackles raise – politics

Heart soar – dancing ballet, watching the magic of Christmas unfold each year, hearing my peeps say they love me, and hearing them laugh.


4.      What is your “15 minutes” of fame?


Touring with Ballet Mississippi dancing various parts in Nutcracker


5.      Your husband would say that your quirkiest behavior is…?


He says I’m a little obsessed with rudeness.  I get run over by other people by sometimes because it’s hard for me to find the line between being rude and standing up for myself.


6.      If your car could speak, it would say…?


Big Daddy said it would say “Wash Me”.  My car is the Coyote.  It’s a wild animal that doesn’t like to be washed.  The Coyote would tell me,”Go faster and farther. Get out of Little Town.”


7.      What latest trend simply baffles you?


Tattoos and body piercings.  I’m needle-averse.  Why get stuck on purpose?


8.      What is the grossest thing you’ve ever done in public?


When Big Daddy and I came back from our honeymoon, I got Montezuma’s revenge.  I was so excited to exchange wedding gifts and spend our gift money that I went to Dillards with a crampy tummy anyway.  I gassed the entire china and linen department.


9.      How did your obsession with hats begin?


My mother allowed me to get up in the middle of the night to watch Prince Charles marry Lady Diana.  I remember noticing all the hats worn by everyone in the congregation and it just stuck with me.  For me, hats represent grace, graciousness and refinement.  You can’t wear a hat with slouched shoulders or with your head hung low – and I see so many women going through life needlessly that way (figuratively and literally).  I think all ladies need a fine hat (and it always fits, regardless of your dress size).


10.  If we could peek into your closet, what store would be most represented?


If you close your eyes and put your hand on any hanger, the label would be either Ann Taylor, Lily Pulitzer or Ralph Lauren.


11.  What is the worst meal you have ever cooked?


The ALL ORANGE meal – fish sticks, mac-n-cheese, boiled carrots.  After I served that meal, Big Daddy told me I never had to cook when I wasn’t in the mood to do it again.



12.   Please leave us with one brief thought.


There are two things that will serve you better than anything else your entire life.  Both are free and no one has an excuse not to have either – good manners and good grammar.



Thank you Hat Chick!  I hope everybody takes a minute to visit Hat Chick and leave her a comment.