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Wild & Precious Life

Source: etsy.com via Tricia on Pinterest Originary art found here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/93115625/wild-and-precious-life-11×14

So tell me. What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

The clock is ticking and the pages on the calendar are flipping.  What’s your dream – your goal for 2013?

What is it you will do this year?

Everything we do today counts towards where we want to be tomorrow.  Either it moves you closer to your goal or farther away.

Go forward.




Better Blogging – Getting Organized

blog organization templates

Better Blogging

2013 is the year of Better.  In my New Year’s Resolution post I told you about how I need to stick with the things I’m already doing, but do them better.  That includes being a better blogger.

I approach blogging like I do everything else in my life, I fly by the seat of my pants.  I am driven by whims and emotional outburst, creativity that most often strikes when I’m in the shower or falling asleep, and last minute ideas that are underdeveloped.

Unfortunately, this means that my best ideas and stories never make it to my blog.  P-L-A-N is a four letter word; therefore, I never use it.

I’ve decided a little organization may not kill me.  It might even make this a better blog.

I know, shocking revelations on The Domestic Fringe.  What will I say next?  I’m going to organize my laundry room??  Heaven forbid.

Aside from the overflowing basket of clean clothes that has been on my kitchen island for three days (Ya, I’m not making that up.), I’m taking steps to organize my life and live better.

Right now I’m working on my blog.  I downloaded a free printable blogging calendar from Elisa Pulliam and I am using it.  If you want, you can print your copy here.

organized blogger

I can’t promise I’ll be able to plan more than a week or two out, but it’s all about baby steps.  My goal is to eventually plan one month at a time.  This way I’ll know the direction I am heading and I’ll be able to work towards that goal without distraction.  At least, that’s the plan.

I know me, so if I get one to two weeks planned at a time, it will be a major accomplishment.

This is how I am blogging better in 2013.


2013 Weight Loss Competition

Brothers Biggest Loser Weight Loss ContestTwo Brothers

One Scale

Weigh-in on Father’s Day, 2013

John & JoeCompetition is fierce and they both have lovely, amazing, energetic, smart, nagging, loyal women on their sides.

We will encourage and advise, but the work is up to the boys.

Stay tuned to The Domestic Fringe and find out who will be the Biggest Loser.


Now is the Time to be Thankful

Some days all the gears in my brain turn in tandem and I sit dumbstruck with truth.  Kinda like the day when my son’s teacher (not me) took a book and wacked him in the head, only to have him say “Oh!” – the ‘I get it’ kind of ‘Oh’.  I don’t have many of these days mind you, but when I do, it’s a crossroads of sorts, a place of decision.

I know I’m psyching you up for a great life-altering post, and I hate to disappoint…


There’s always a ‘but’.  It’s usually big and too often it’s mine.

I’ve got nothing revolutionary for you today.  I’m not about to change the world with my few, ok, many words.  I’m just struck by the fact that time is passing right before my very eyes and I usually do not notice.

I’m too busy, too tired, too hormonal, too overworked and underpaid, too lazy, and too whiny to realize what is going on around me.

Today, while looking through some pictures, I realized my kids are growing up.  You see, I live with these guys – I school them – I play with them – I try to ignore them – I cleaned their skinned knees – I listen to them talk – I yell at them – I hug them – I feed them, but I don’t always notice that they are transforming from little kid into young person.

It’s a scary realization.  I mean, what if I’m totally screwing them up?

Do you ever think that about your ability to parent?

I know I’m probably doing more good than harm.  It’s just that the decisions were easier when they were two, three, and four.  They’re getting older and the choices are getting tougher.  I guess that’s how life works.

To steal Oprah’s term, my ‘Aha’ moment sparked my need to be thankful.  I missed posting last Thursday, not because I lacked thanks, but because I lacked time.  Today I am taking the time while I have it.

  • freedom to raise my kids how I choose
  • warming light & cool breezes
  • vanilla beans
  • stepping away
  • thunderstorms
  • made beds
  • a box of hand-me-down hair thingies

Something inside of me tells me to get things done now.  Now is the time.  Don’t wait until tomorrow, or next year, or ten years from now.  Reach your goals now.  Change what you don’t like now.  Be a better you now.  Do those things God is calling you to do now.

  • miracles that still happen
  • doggie drool
  • lots of shelves
  • a reorganized kitchen
  • a growing son, grumpy with angst
  • pictures to record time
  • a dead snake

That’s what time tells me.

  • playing basketball with my kids
  • friends over for the morning
  • new strawberry plants
  • marshmallows roasted over an open fire
  • skateboards and skinned knees
  • the instinct to hope
  • forgiveness


  • a few minutes of quiet
  • the kids creek swimming
  • dirty feet
  • four chapters written
  • my daughter’s plans for a ‘dream’ room

Being a skilled procrastinator, I buck at the idea.  Yes, I have goals, but the everyday and the insignificant get in my way.  I’m sidetracked way too easily.  I don’t need distractions.  I am a distraction!

I’m not sure how my light-bulb moment will play out in the practical.  I nearly said, “Tomorrow will tell.”; however, just two paragraphs ago I wrote NOW.  Silly me.

Visit Ann @ a Holy Experience!

Are you thankful today?  Feel free to share your list in the comments.

Have you had any revelations knock you in the head recently?  I’d love to hear about it.

Tossed Like a Load of Dirty Socks in The Spin Cycle

Photo complements of Chrissy Spear

I’ve been feeling a nudge lately and uncharacteristically decided to pay attention before the whopping kick in the backside.  Sometimes it’s the “still small voice” that penetrates my fog, but more often than not, getting my attention requires sky writing from the finger of God himself.

I’m thick like that.

In the beginning of the new year while everyone was making resolutions and picking words to focus them (like ‘Intentional’, chosen by Megan), I decided to live abundantly this year.  Armed with John 10:10, determination, and cup of hot cocoa, I stormed 2011.  Only, I’ve gotten off course.  February found me not having time to write, frustrated with homeschooling, wanting an army of friends and family to come whisk me away to anyplace warm, and depressed over my extreme case of cabin fever.  March hasn’t been much better.

That ends today.

I’ve taken inventory and I’m out of the good, sweet, and fat-free.  I need a total overhaul of everything from poor eating habits to managing my laundry.  I get thrown off course way to easily.

James 1:6-8  But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

I’m wavering.

Not in my faith, but in my service – my actions.  In my heart and mind I’m resolved to do one thing, live one way, and accomplish one goal, but my actions run amuck by noontime.  I’m tossed like a load of dirty socks in the spin cycle.

I’m missing my mark – Abundant Living.

Barely surviving, half-heartedness, things undone, wasted time, squandered days, harsh words, hardened heart, split-second decisions, lack of self-control, inability to say no, poor management, hopelessness – these do not equal an abundant life.

It’s time for me once again live like who I am – an adopted daughter of the almighty God, set free from sin and death, and called to live a life holy and acceptable.

Before you say anything, I realize not every day of this new year has been a wasted or defeated day.  Not at all.  But, I can do better.  I must.  What I do affects not only today, but also tomorrow.  It changes me and also my husband and children.  We cannot live our lives without touching others.  I want my touch to positive.

I don’t want to merely speak a bunch of empty words, allow my thoughtless actions to hurt others, or carelessly squander time that could be productive.  I want to be deliberate, love with abandon, trust with faith, and work with fervor.

I want the abundant life.  Anything less is not good enough.

What about you?  Has your year been good enough?


Sharing The Love

A few great blog posts I’ve recently read: Intentionally Intentional Successes and Fails, Telling Myself No, What Makes Men Romantic,  and What It Really Means to be Free…ok, just one more – Wifey Wendesday: Should we be upset when our husbands are tempted?

Eeyore, Green Beans, My Blog, & Murder

I am in a contemplative mood today, more Eeyore and less Tigger.  Maybe it’s the dreariness of the day or the fact that I’m having a terrible time breathing today.

I’m not sure.

All I know is that I’m spending the entire day in the kitchen feeling a bit melancholy.  Probably because I’m spending the day in the kitchen!  The kids made pizza for lunch and I’m simmering enough meatballs in sauce to carry me through several ‘I don’t want to cook’ days.

I’m even making a list today and I despise making lists, they have a way of making me feel like a failure; however, today I am embracing the list.

FOOD – I would be happy living off tater-tots, steak, and green beans.  Anyone who knows me well, knows I hate vegetables.  Sorry Mrs. Obama, but I’ve vowed to be honest here on the Fringe.

I don’t understand my green bean cravings, but I cook them several times a week and eat huge portions of stringy, green vegetables.  I’m concerned.  It’s not me.

I’ve sworn off buying bags of grated cheese.  I hate them.  First, they don’t melt like real cheese.  Second, they are all low-fat.  Low fat cheese is not worth eating.  Again, forgive me for going against the grain of healthy, non-obese American living.

I vow to grate (or make my children grate) real cheese from this day forward.

BLOG – Did you know I considered scrapping my blog this winter?  No, I doubt I mentioned it.  I simply lost my reason to write.

I’m not blogging to keep my family up-to-date on our adventures, because most of my family doesn’t read my blog.

I’m not necessarily chronicling the lives of my children, because one day they would hate me for splaying their lives across the internet.  I am very selective about my ‘sharing’.

I upkeep a generally shallow blog.  It’s not often I post a heartfelt, life-changing post of depth; however, I like being shallow on my blog.  We are serious so often in life…I consider my blog a sanctuary, an escape.

That’s why I keep blogging.

Besides, FringeMan wouldn’t let me quit.  He’s afraid of me spending my extra words on him.

WRITING – Remember when I felt all writerly and inspired?  I started writing immediately.  My problem is that my story, while funny and entertaining, lacks a plot.  No plot = No book.

I could insert a plot, but I’m just not feelin’ it.

Back to the drawing the board.

I still think it can be a good story.  It’s not dead, just sleeping.

Another story (with a plot) keeps playing in my mind.  I wake up thinking about this story, but it’s not anything like my normal writing.   It’s about a young woman from NY, a photographer, who finds her grandmother gruesomely murdered in her home in Maine.  She decides to give up her career and move back to Maine.  Into her grandmother’s home.

I don’t know if it will make the leap from my imagination to my computer, but I’m considering writing the story, even if just for my blog.

It has a plot.  A good plot…I think.

What’s on your list?

What haven’t you been sharing lately?

What Pooh Character are you most like today?

So It’s a New Year

I’m not quite ready to embrace 2011 with open arms.  2010 is still in my system, even though I am trying my best to shake her.

I may have begun this new year with a wicked awful cooking streak and an extra fifteen pounds, but I am not sad to see 2010 end.  I don’t like to speak for the masses, but I think it was a tough year for everyone.

Although I’m kicking the old year to the curb, I think I’m gonna ease into the newness of this year.  It’s very uncharacteristic of me to ease my way into anything except a freezing swimming pool, and I’ve not had the luxury of experiencing a swimming pool that was more than ten degrees above ice.  I’m usually a jump into any mess opportunity with my arms flailing, my mouth yapping, and my legs running; however, I’m holding back on the New Year’s excitement.

I haven’t made any resolutions.

I did promise myself I would not eat any cookies, cakes, cupcakes, or other baked goods until my birthday in February.  If I don’t drop a pound by then, I’ll know it wasn’t the deserts making my jeans tighter, but the dryer.

Although I haven’t made any resolutions, there are some things that I desperately want in this new year.  I am not setting the course and determining that they will be, but I am full of hope and prayers.

I want to be healthy this year.

Not just me, but my family.  2010 was not a healthy year.

I want to live abundantly.

I’ve already waxed poetic on that thought, so I’ll not elaborate.

I want to have faith for each day.

The kind of faith that assures me today’s efforts are not in vain.

I can’t just flick a switch and get these things because the calendar flipped a month.  This year I need to ease into each day keeping my mind and heart focused on The One who can give me my desires.  But even if He doesn’t give me my desires, He will still be good.  I will still be happy.

Hebrews 12:1  Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us,

I’m taking it slow, and hoping that slow and steady will win the race.

How about you?

Did you make a list of resolutions this year?

If you did, will you share?