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The Library: My Office Away from Home

Hello Monday

Since this weekend was a bust, I decided to show you our library, my office away from home.

I mean, I could talk about how FringeMan came down with the stomach bug, but that’s not a good Monday morning topic.  Let’s just say I declared the second floor of our house a contamination zone and I slept on the couch.  The kids and I stayed as far away from home as possible, so of course that meant at least one trip to the library.

Library: my office away from home

This room is my office away from home.  I plant myself here every time I come to the library.  Usually the entire table is covered with my junk, a few books, and a random magazine or two.  I use the power strip on the floor to plug in my laptop and I go to town.

They have a coffee machine too.  What more do you need?

Books – Coffee – WiFi

Antique bookcases in the public libraryThese bookcases are in my office.  They help me feel smart.

vintage book caes - library

Our library is part old house and part 70’s mod addition.  If you walk from room to room too quickly, you end up in a time warp.

I’ll just show you the old part today.

conference room in library

sitting area in libraryIsn’t this a pretty little nook?  It’s the perfect place for a game of chess or lunch with a friend.  At Christmas, they had a pretty tree right in front of those windows.

vintage lighting fixture on old tray ceiling

The ceilings and moldings are the true masterpieces.  They just don’t build modern houses with such artistic details.

antique lighting fixture, mirror, American flag

As the story goes, and I hope I remember all the facts, our library had a great big fire that made their building unusable.  A family in town donated this house to be used as the new library.  Some time after the addition was built.

antinque light fixture in library

The library is right in the center of town and we often walk to it.

reflection of a women in the mirror

You would think I wouldn’t have any late fees, but I do.

I have long history with libraries.  I’ll leave it at that.

libraries conference room antique furniture

vintage Jaddte lampThis lamp looks like Jadite, but I’m not sure.  Maybe I should convince them to let me bring it the antiques roadshow or something.

collection of vintage ceramic dogs

The library also has random collections of old things, like these ugly ceramic dogs.  They change the collections out from time to time so the patrons can enjoy them.

antique bronze statue of a man

And no library tour would be complete without a naked man on the mantel.

Yes, this is in my office.

So that completes my library tour, at least the really old portion of it.  Despite the antiques, the card catalog is computerized and the librarians are absolute dolls.  They teach us the history of the town and area, get us whatever books we want, and know us by name.

I love my library.

What about you?  Do you visit your library very often?


Thankfulness – One Squat at a Time

This morning after allergy shots, we ran by the library.  My son wanted to pick up a book he had ordered.  We never, ever leave the library with just one book and today was no exception.  The librarian gave us a bag for our bounty and she granted me a couple of extra days on the Thighs of Steel video from 1989.  I’ll be de-celluliting my thighs with Denise Austin for ten days instead of seven.

And I’m thankful.

Please remind me I said that in about four days when my calf muscles seize and  I can no longer climb my stairs.

  • exercise
  • banana bread with icing (hence the need for exercise)
  • silly photos of my daughter

Do you know what I’ve discovered since I started keeping a Thank You journal?

Once you begin being thankful, you become more thankful.  Granted, some days are easier than others, but regardless of the circumstance, if you choose to give thanks, you become thankful.

  • fun socks
  • allergy shots
  • laundry done
  • a full sink of dishes, the sign of a good dinner
  • virtual bowling

Somehow giving thanks opens your eyes to all the good going on around you.  Thanks is in the little and big.

  • the first ice-cream cone of the season (insert lunges, leg lifts and crunches)
  • flowers in bloom
  • the cross
  • encouragement from bloggers
  • a party invite
  • a picnic dinner by the river
  • 1,100 words into fiction
  • a faded American flag flying tattered stripes
  • a lost boy found
  • birds chatting
  • warmth that draws out the prickliest of neighbors

Are you thankful today?

Please do share.  Thankfulness is contagious, so spread it around.

You can even join us by clicking on the buttons below!

By the way…

Heather from Adventures in Womanland is starting up a new online Bible study called Humor Me, Lord.   I can’t wait.  Won’t you join us?

Ok, I’m done.  Promise. (fingers crossed)

Time To Think of The Thighs

Hey, I’m over at An Army of Ermas today.  Can you believe they let me write for them?

I’m shocked too.

Come on over for a visit.  It’s about time we thought about our thighs.

Besides, you look like you need a laugh!

See you THERE.


She’s Such A Nerd

I’ve given way to my inner nerd.  At least that’s what FringeMan thought when I padded up the stairs, computer in hand, to spend the evening browsing through books.

It all started the other day when I read this post and  discovered Goodreads.  Masterminds from all corners of the earth converge in cyberspace to discuss books they’ve read, books they want to read, and well, books they’ll probably never read.  Basically if it’s in print, you can have an opinion about it.

To me a good book is like a little cloud of heaven bound in a neat 265 pages.

I’d be a fabulous candidate for a Nook or Kindle, but I am not sure I can live without book covers.  Do they show book covers?

I admit without a smidgen of shame that I judge books by their covers.  I can’t help it.  I’ve had a real fondness for pictures ever since I was in kindergarten.  Some things never leave you, you know.

So now that I’m in good standing with my library (I found the box of cd’s on their shelf, thank you), I am equipped with a stack of books and a canister of Swiss Miss.

A perfect cup of hot cocoa requires 4 tsp. of Swiss Miss and a shot of vanilla & caramel creamer, the real cream creamer.  If nothing else, I make a mean cup of instant cocoa.

Don’t be jealous, some of us just have extra culinary gifts.

I also wanted to chat about my new blog layout.  Have you noticed?

I know the change is about as subtle as the Fourth of July at 9 p.m.  This lovely lady sent me a tweet asking if one of my kids made the artwork in my header.

No, that would be me.  Yes, that’s right.  I took off my nerd hat, put on my artist hat and Wal-lah!

I’ve created a blog design that is udderly fantastic.  Requests for cows are pouring in from every region of this green earth.  It’s moo-velous.

Ok, I’ll stop.

On a serious note, I even added a flicker photo-stream on my sidebar.  It was a nightmare, but I summoned the strength of my inner blog designer who paints cows and makes hot cocoa, and pictures appeared.  Who knows, I may even get fain-cy with my extra pages.  We’ll see what happens.

Here are my questions:

Do you love it?

Like it?

Hate it?

Are you blinded by the colors?

Did you want to spit coffee at your screen when it popped up a weird blue-ish color?

Would you like to see something on my blog that’s not here?

Tell me what you love about the layout of your favorite blog.  I doubt I can incorporate your favorite feature, but what the heck, tell me anyway.

One more thing…I promise to wrap this up soon.  Really.

It’s just that I’m practically famous now.  I wanted to tell you that if you’d like an autographed cow, I’ll be signing them in a town near you.  Or not so near you.  Well, maybe I’ll just have to mail the cow.  Either way, the domestic fringe was featured as one of the Top Evangelical Blogs.  You can read about it here.  Yes, I’m as surprised and delighted as you!

Now in the words of one of histories great pigs…

That’s all folks!

Have a Happy Weekend.  I’m going out tonight!

Insert Happy Dance here.

Complaints, complaints

Tonight at dinner FringeMan told my son, and I QUOTE, “You know, mannequins are nearly the perfect women.  They don’t speak.”

FringeMan will be sorry he made that statement.

Lately I seem to be getting too many family complaints.

My mum left a snarky comment about the picture I posted of her yesterday.  Sheesh!  I posted a bad one of myself too.  And I could have added a caption to her photo, but I refrained.

So today, without further ado, I present to you the Hollywood version of the FringeMom.

Please tell her she looks lovely.

Or else she’ll be mighty mad at me for posting this picture.


She thinks my house is cold, but she doesn't understand everyone gets icicles hanging from their nose in the winter.

Ok, so enough picking on my mum.  It’s not even her birthday and she’s getting all the attention.

You’re a lucky woman mum.

Please don’t hurt me the next time you come to visit.

I love you.

In real news…

I have managed to lose a library book CD set.  I can’t find it anywhere!  I’m in so much trouble.

Certainly I returned it, but they said no.  It’s a case of FringeGirl vs. The Public Library.

I’m certain I will lose.

Now I’m stuck in this cycle of just renewing it every time it comes due.  Eventually they’re gonna catch on and you’ll see my mug on America’s Most Wanted.

For my mum’s sake, I hope it’s a bad photo of myself.

See mum, vengeance is mine saith the Lord and the library.

I think I’ll just go into the library tomorrow and fess up to my mortal blunder.  How much can a book on CD cost anyway?

I just wish I could find it somewhere.  There’s no place in my house for it to hide.  That’s what befuddles me.

If only I didn’t have a record with New York State libraries...


A Place for Nerds

When a night out on the town includes a frozen coffee and a few hours spent browsing through books, you know you’re a nerd.  Thankfully there’s a place in this world for nerds and apparently it’s in my house.

My children recently received a monetary gift from someone in my family.  Because they are following closely in my pathetic footsteps, they both chose to spend their money on books.  Honestly, I couldn’t be more pleased.

Reading is not only fundamental, but it is the key that opens the door to the rest of a child’s life.  Without books this world would be a dull place to live.  How about that for NERDY?

It gets worse.  School has been out for what?  A whole two or three weeks now?  I’m almost ashamed to say that we’ve gone to the library at least three or four times a week.

If you aren’t using your library, you’re allowing a wonderful free resource to go to waste, especially if you have kids.  Despite the fact that I’ve been on the libraries’ Most Wanted list, I’ve learned that librarians can be quick to forgive.  It helps when you fund a new wing with your overdue fees.

Seriously, libraries usually have summer programs for kids filled with special activities and art projects.  For all of you non-nerds, they sometimes even show movies.  Let’s not forget that they host book clubs and they always provide an air-conditioned space to read.  Free AC is important when it’s a 100 degrees out and you only own two fans.

Even if you have an exceptionally lame library, odds are good that your library is part of a bigger system based on geography.  In all likelihood, your library can order you almost anything you want.

I should become a spokeswoman for libraries nationwide.  Maybe my fondness stems from the fact that FringeMan thinks I look like a librarian.  I don’t know.  At any rate, pack up your kids and head to the library and let them discover a love for books.  You won’t regret it!

I know you’re wondering if this post will ever end, but I want to share a book that FringeKid loves.  She’s tricky.  She claims that she doesn’t like mysteries, but I find that hard to believe since she’s my daughter.  When I was her age, I was nearly a professional spy.  At any rate, no mysteries.  She also won’t read a book that is too thick.  While my son views large books as a challenge, my daughter will not even crack the cover.  She is more of a colorful pictures and witty words type of gal.

So here is her latest book recommendation.

Mercy Watson

These are really fun books full of colorful illustrations.  Your kids will like it.  Maybe you will like it too.

Do you have book recommendations for children?

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When Pigs Flew

Well, I’ve just returned from a morning at the pig races.

I bet you’re already wishing you were me.

Despite the clumps of snow and three layers of calcium build-up on my car, I dressed for the occasion in an outfit probably more suited for a fashion forward office than a grade school.  I’m delusional to think I can keep my feet warm in heels and the hem of my pants dry; however, I have a hard time going into school looking like I’m chopping wood.  Now I can go to Wal-Mart with rats living in my hair, but I could not go to the library without at least a bit of make-up and descent outfit.  Maybe I’m afraid the women with glasses perched on the tips of their noses will give me a detention or something.  I have yet to sort out some of my quirks.  I only know that schools and libraries alike require proper speech, ironed clothes, and ‘fixed’ hair, whatever that means.

As much as school makes me primp and squirm, I find myself sitting at desks that I outgrew in the seventh grade more often than I’d like; however, today I enjoyed a special treat.  I’m no novice when it comes to pig races.  This is my second race in the last six months with my first being about a year ago.

I’ll refrain from name dropping, but some of you think you have the corner market on Redneck.  I’m here to tell you that you underestimate a New Yorker.

Four pigs squealed their way across a sheet of corrugated aluminum roofing sending the entire crowd of teachers, administrators, and parents into a curly tailed frenzy.  When the moderator announced the tie-dyed pig would fill in for pinky, the double race winner, there was a moment when the hushed, almost reverential whisper of “tie-dyed” rode a wave through the auditorium.  Even the camo pig slumped slightly.

Anxious piglets lined up at the broom handle, known to some as the starting line, and scurried as fast as their battery operated legs allowed.  The children’s cheers grew until the walls pulsated with applause.  Little hearts raced faster than pigs fly and finally a winner emerged.  The other’s shamed their colors, running them into the mud.

The morning’s excitement could only be satiated with a BLT, straight from the cafeteria and a Swine Flu H1N1 shot.

What’s on your agenda for the day?